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10 Billionaires Who Own Private Yachts

The magnificent billionaires private yacht has been popular for a long time. Billionaires frequently celebrate their wealth with the greatest yacht of all time. There are numerous Private yachts owned by billionaires available today with spectacular, one-of-a-kind, and opulent designs and outlines.

In the ocean of luxury, each yacht has its own individual style. And these luxury yachts are owned by a large number of billionaires and millionaires. These may get you away from the chaos of the world and take you on a luxury cruise on the ocean.

Luxury private yachts owned by billionaires are more than simply a mode of transportation; it is a symbol of wealth and status that can only be afforded by the world’s wealthy billionaires. Most luxury ships in the world have extravagant facilities such as movie helipads, theaters, music halls, several swimming pools, saunas, and hot tubs.

It all started in 1945 with the great Greek shipping mogul Aristotle Onassis. He converted the Canadian anti-submarine frigate, HMCS Stormont, into a luxury yacht and called it the Christina O after his daughter. 

And today, practically every billionaire is involved in the era of constructing the fastest, largest, most expensive, and most stunning billionaires private yacht.

Yachts are evolving with incredible features such as bulletproof glass, marina power hookups, solid gold paneling, miniature landmarks from various nations, helicopter power connection, and many more. In this article, we will look at 10 of the most luxurious private yachts owned by billionaires. So without a do, let’s get started.

1. Eclipse | Owned By Roman Abramovich | $1.5 Billion

Roman Abramovich billionaire who own private jet
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

The Eclipse, the world’s second most expensive yacht, is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It was built by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg and is 536 feet long, making it the world’s second longest. 

It is rumored to be worth $800,000 to $1.5 billion. The Eclipse’s massive size enables for the boat’s numerous extravagant features, such as 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, many hot tubs, and a disco hall, not to mention the two helicopter pads, three launch boats, and mini-submarine capable of plunging up to 50 meters underwater.

Furthermore, for ultimate protection, the Eclipse is outfitted with surveillance systems and a missile defense system, while the master bedroom and bridge of the boat are outfitted with armor-plating and bulletproof windows. 

Finally, this one-of-a-kind private yachts owned by billionaires has an anti-paparazzi shield made up of lasers that sweep the surrounding locations. 

When a possible hidden professional photographer is detected, a light is placed directly on the camera to prevent a shot from being taken. Finally, a team of 70 is necessary to keep this floating extravagance running.

Key Features:-

  • 162.5-meter length 
  •  9 decks 
  •  22 knot top speed 
  •  Two swimming pools 
  •  Disco hall 
  •  Mini submarine 
  •  2 helicopter pads 
  • 24 guest cabins

2. Sailing Yacht A | Owned By Andrey Melnichenko | $323 Million

billionaires who own private yachts
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

The name given to this luxury liner is not unique, but the 400-foot-long Motor Yacht A does have an innovative design. Blohm + Voss of Hamburg designed it for Russian billionaire Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko. The Motor Yacht A is, as one might think, the pinnacle of luxury.

The inside of the yacht measures over 24,000 square feet & includes a 2,500 square foot master bedroom and disco, as well as six guest bedrooms that can be turned into four larger cabins thanks to moveable walls. 

Furthermore, reflective surfaces are used extensively throughout the interior, and the furniture, glasses, and dishes are constructed of French crystal. 

Over deck, the Motor Yacht A has a helicopter hangar, a 30-foot speed boat stored in the hull, and three swimming pools, one of which is glass-bottomed and located right above the aforementioned disco.

Finally, it can seat up to 14 guests and has the capacity for 42 crew members.

Key Features:-

  • 119 meters long 
  •  8 decks 
  •  21 knots top speed 
  •  Freestanding carbon-fiber rotating masts 
  •  Underwater observation pod
  •  14 guests

3. Symphony | owned by Bernard Arnault | $150 MILLION

Symphony (Billionaires Who Own Private Yachts)
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

The SYMPHONY yacht is a 101-meter (333-foot) luxury yacht built by the Dutch shipyard Feadship and delivered to owner Bernard Arnault in 2015. She is now the largest yacht ever built by Feadship and ranks 51st on the world’s largest yachts list.

Zuretti Interior Design, a French firm specializing in luxury superyachts, created the interior of SYMPHONY. She can accommodate twenty guests in eight cabins as well as a staff of 38 in below-deck accommodations.

The expansive owner’s apartment features a private veranda with stunning sea views and a separate sauna. SYMPHONY’s interior is unique and unlike those of other luxury yachts. The majority of the flooring and ceilings are covered in light wood paneling, which is accented by wooden furniture and gold and natural tones.

Key Features:-

  • 101.5 meters in length 
  •  6 decks 
  •  Top speed of 22 knots
  •  6-meter glass-bottom swimming pool 
  •  Outdoor cinema 
  •  Sundeck Jacuzzi 
  •  8 guest cabins

4. Faith | Owned By Michael Latifi | $200 Million

Faith owned by Michael Latifi
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

Faith is a 96.55-meter-long motor yacht. The yacht was built by Feadship of the Netherlands, which also built the superyacht Faith in 2017. The superyacht has a beam of 14.5m, a draft of 3.7m, and a capacity of 2,991 GT.

The exterior of the Faith was designed by RWD, while the interior was created by Chahan Interior Design and RWD, with naval architecture by De Voogt Naval Architects. The superyacht Faith can accommodate up to 14 guests, as well as 26 crew members, including the captain. 

The Faith yacht has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. She is propelled by two MTU engines, which give her a cruising speed of 15.0 kn & a top speed of 17.0 kn. The yacht has a maximum speed of 15.0 kn and a range of 12.0/5000 n/m nautical miles. The yacht holds 222,000 gallons of fuel and 60,000 liters of water.

Faith superyacht is ranked 78th among the world’s largest private yachts owned by billionaires. She is the sixth-largest yacht produced by Feadship. The owner of the boat, Faith, is featured in SYT iQ and is only available to subscribers.

Key Features:-

  • 9 guest cottages 
  • 97 meters long
  • Swimming pool with a glass bottom and a bar
  • Helicopter Bell 429

5. Amevi | Owned By Lakshmi Mittal | $125 Million

Amevi owned by Lakshmi Mittal
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

The Oceanco shipyard in the Netherlands manufactured the yacht Amevi. According to yacht brokers, she is worth approximately US$ 125 million.

The motor yacht has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure.

The superyacht Amevi is one of the world’s largest. She is 80.00 m (262.5 ft) long and has a beam of 14.20 m. (46.6 ft). The boat has a draft of 3.90 meters (12.8 feet) and a gross tonnage of 2,310 tons.

Amevi features twin MTU 16V 595 TE70 engines with a combined output of 9,100 horsepower, allowing her to reach a top speed of 18.5 knots. Its cruising speed is approximately 14 knots. Amevi’s annual operating costs are expected to be close to $10 million.

Key Features:-

  • 80 meters in length 
  • 6 decks 
  • 18.5 knots top speed 
  • On-deck Tender Garage 
  • Jacuzzi 
  • Helipad 
  • Swimming Pool 
  • 8 Guest Cabins

6. Odessa II | Owned By Len Blavatnik | $80 Million

Odessa II (Billionaires Who Own Private Yachts)
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

ODESSA II is a 73.07 m motor yacht built in Germany by Nobiskrug and delivered in 2013.

Her top speed is 17.0 kn, and cruise speed is 15.0 kn, and she is powered by two MTU diesel engines. 

She has a capacity of 12 passengers and a crew of 20. She has a beam of 12.0 m and a gross tonnage of 1767.0 GT.

Focus Yacht Design created her, as well as three other superyachts, in the BOAT Pro database.

The naval architecture was created by Nobiskrug, who has designed 10 other superyachts in the BOAT Pro database, and the interior of the yacht was created by H2 Yacht Design, who has designed 47 other superyacht interiors in the BOAT Pro database – she is made with a Teak deck, a Steel hull, & an Aluminum superstructure.

ODESSA II ranks in the top 5% of all ships in the world by LOA. She is one of 109 motor yachts in the 70-80m size range, and her cruising speed is 0.09 kn faster than the average, while her volume is 12.06 GT higher than the average.

Key Features:-

  • 74 meters in length
  • 6 guest cabins
  • an 18 knot top speed
  • an intimate beach club 
  • a baby grand piano
  • a Private master cabin terrace
  • an outdoor cinema

7. Nautilus | Owned By Thierry Stern | $90 Million

Nautilus (Billionaires Who Own Private Yachts)
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

Nautilus is a 73.3m long motor yacht. The yacht was built by Perini Navi in Italy, who also built the superyacht Nautilus in 2014. The superyacht has a beam of 13.2m, a draft of 4.0m, and a capacity of 1,876 GT.

The Nautilus, formerly known as the Grace E, was designed by Philippe Briand Ltd., with interiors by Rémi Tessier and naval architecture by Perini Navi. The Nautilus superyacht can accommodate up to 22 crew members, including the captain. 

The yacht Nautilus has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. She is propelled by four Caterpillar Inc engines, which give her a cruising speed of 12.0 kn and a top speed of 16.5 kn. The boat travels at a speed of 12.0 knots. The yacht holds 185,000 liters of fuel and 30,000 liters of water.

The Nautilus superyacht is ranked 242nd among the world’s largest ships. She is Perini Navi’s second largest yacht. 

Key Features:-

  • 73-meter-long yacht
  • 7 guest cabins 
  • a top speed of 16.5 knots 
  • a dedicated wellness deck 
  • a 3.5-meter-long resistance pool 
  • underfloor heating  
  • jet skis.

8. Silver Angel | Owned By Richard Caring | $40 Million

Silver Angel private yacht owned by billionaire
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

SILVER ANGEL is a big 64,5-meter steel Benetti luxury motor yacht designed by Stefano Natucci with an outstanding interior by Argent Design of London. SILVER ANGEL was launched in 2009 and is an exceptionally high-quality, well-constructed, capacious, and stable luxury yacht that will leave you wanting for nothing. In 2014/2015, the yacht had a massive revamp.

The interior design of the motor yacht SILVER ANGEL, created by Argent Design in collaboration with Stefano Natucci, contains silver themes that recall her name. 

The interior features high gloss dark wood paneling and built-in furniture that is wonderfully balanced by the radiance of white Onyx, silver leaf, and carved mirrored components. Her construction utilized around 1,200 square meters of glossy black walnut and 700 square meters of marble with beautiful white onyx for the interior and travertine for the outside portions.

Throughout the guest rooms, custom constructed “Lalique” inserts with subtle back lighting have been employed to create a uniquely attractive and calm ambience. Argent Design has also entirely personalized the motor yacht’s ‘loose’ furnishings fixtures and fittings, which are ‘one-of-a-kind’ and of extraordinarily high quality.

Key Features:-

  • 7 guest cabins 
  • Lalique décor 
  • 5 decks 
  • Oval Jacuzzi pool  
  • Sun deck bar 
  • Aft deck dining table  
  • 64.5-meter length  
  • Cruising speed of 15 knots

9. Lady Beatrice | Owned By Frederick Barclay | $30 Million

Lady Beatrice owned by billionaire
Photo Credits – Respective Owner

LADY BEATRICE was previously known as Project/Yacht Name 770. The Feadship Royal Van Lent Shipyard constructed this 60-meter (197-foot) luxury yacht in 1993. LADY BEATRICE is an iconic superyacht. 

De Voogt Naval Architects and Bannenberg Designs Ltd were in charge of the ship’s plans and basic layout. Bannenberg Designs Ltd. created the original interior design and styling.

De Voogt Naval Architects was the naval architect firm involved with the technical nautical composition for LADY BEATRICE. This project was also completed by the companies De Voogt Naval Architects and Bannenberg Designs Ltd. 

The inside interior ambience was designed by Bannenberg Designs Ltd. The Feadship Royal Van Lent Shipyard manufactured their new motor boat in the Netherlands.

Following sea trials, she was handed over to her ecstatic owner after her formal launch in Kaag in 1993. With a total beam (width) of 10.79 m / 35.4 feet, a roomy proportion is achieved. She has a 3.2m (10.5ft) draught (maximum depth). The material steel was employed in the construction of the motor yacht’s hull. Her superstructure above the hull is made of aluminum.

Key Features:-

  • 60-meter length 
  • a maximum speed of 18 knots  
  • Monaco home port  
  • Beatrice Cecelia Taylor 
  • named after the brothers’ mother 
  • There are eight guest cabins.

10. Space | Owned By Laurence Graff | $25 Million

Photo Credits – Respective Owner

True to its name, the SPACE yacht has significantly more volume than one would think from a 44.65-meter-long yacht. She was built by Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects, a Dutch yacht builder known for producing some of the world’s most stunning superyachts.

She was designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, and her interior was created by Donald Starkey, a sought-after designer who has been synonymous with numerous of the world’s most famous custom luxury yachts.

The construction was completed in 2007. However, she was refitted in 2018, which included a thorough repaint and considerable mechanical work. She is now sailing under the Cayman Islands flag, the second most common flag state for superyachts, with a total of 1251 yachts registered.

This magnificent yacht also has a few sibling ships: Harle, TV, Gladiator, Megan, and Blue Sky.

Key Features:-

  • 45-meter length  
  • 16 knot top speed  
  • Al fresco dining space  
  • Sun deck Jacuzzi  
  • Breakfast bar 
  • Swimming platform  
  • Steam room

What’s The Difference Between A Yacht And A Superyacht?

yacht vs superyacht

A superyacht does not have a precise size distinction. However, the phrase most commonly refers to yachts that are at least 80 feet (or 24 meters) in length. 

Superyachts can normally carry at least six passengers, although they are more likely to accommodate more than ten people in addition to a large crew. As vessels grow larger and more superfluous, some may start referring to them as megayachts, while others might simply call a 150 to 200-foot yacht a superyacht.

Perhaps more significant than the length of the yacht are the amenities because these are what distinguish a superyacht or megayacht from the competition. These super and megayachts will include multiple pools and hot tubs, decks, gyms, extravagant suites, and even offices. 

They may also have a luxurious spa (think Turkish baths or hammams, saunas, steam rooms, and even treatment therapists) as well as various bars and dining places. 

The service and excursions will equal the enhanced facilities on a superyacht—and of course, the charterer is free to add crew members, ports of call, and anything else that will make their holiday famous.

What’s The Difference Between Motorized Yachts VS Sailing Yachts?

Motorized Yachts VS Sailing Yachts

Are you renting a sailing or motor yacht? A motor yacht has a powerful engine but no sails. It’s usually at least 60 feet long. A sailing yacht, as one might expect, has sailed. Sailing yachts are more intimate and would be classified as “yachts” rather than “superyachts.” 

Sailing yachts typically have no more than three decks, and the experience is more vulnerable to change due to weather patterns (sailing yachts cannot sail as directly to destinations as motor yachts can). A monohull sailing yacht has only one hull. It is commonly referred to as a catamaran because it has two hulls.

What Is The Difference Between A Superyacht And A Megayacht?

supetyacht vs megayacht

Technically, there isn’t. The terms megayacht and superyacht are frequently used interchangeably. And the luxury travel community has yet to agree on the exact dimensions of a superyacht or a megayacht. A megayacht, according to many, is at least 200 feet (or 60 meters) long and can accommodate 12 to 15 people. 

Those who argue that there is no genuine distinction between a superyacht and a megayacht may argue that the word “super” or “mega” refers to vessels 100 to 200 feet in length. Nonetheless, both a superyacht and a megayacht will be motor yachts (rather than sailing ships) with remarkable facilities.

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