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Ezoic Alternatives For Bloggers 

Ezoic is a tool that helps website owners and bloggers in making money from their online presence. In addition, Ezoic includes many tools for optimizing your website for advertisements, with their ad tester being one of the most well-known. 

Nevertheless, there are some aspects of it that people dislike. People are searching for alternative platforms like Ezoic as a result. Are you seeking a better affiliate platform as well? 

The majority of users will be using Ezoic to increase their advertising revenues. The main benefit of Ezoic is that it raises the ad revenue of any website, especially those who use Adsense. However, there are some drawbacks to using Ezoic So people are searching for optional advertisers.

How Ad Networks Operate

An ad network handles all the technicalities of advertiser negotiation, ad design, and ad management while working directly with advertisers on your behalf. 

When you sign up for a network, you will receive code to embed on your website, frequently through a simple plugin, that specifies where advertising will appear on your blog. The locations of the advertising and the number of adverts that are placed on your site are often under your partial control.

A portion of the fee paid by the advertiser to the ad network is given to you as the ad publisher. Your earnings are influenced by a variety of factors, such as the amount of traffic your website receives overall, your blogging niche, the caliber of the content on your site, and the general perception that potential advertisers have of your site. You can make more money from blogging if advertising finds your blog more successful.

Here are the top (MAX) Ezoic alternatives for Blogger 

1. Adsterra

Bloggers love the very outstanding bundle that Adsterra offers since it combines a large variety of ad types, an easy-to-use platform, a sizable pool of advertisers, and a 100% fill rate. 

The platform also places a strong emphasis on brand safety, ensuring that all ads that are posted on a blogger’s website have successfully navigated a sophisticated fraud detection system to prevent malvertising, redirects, and other forms of ad fraud.

In order to run pop-under advertising, Bloggers must receive 5,000 unique visits each month. Bloggers also need to reach 50,000 monthly impressions to enable banner ads. Bloggers can opt to engage with CPM, CPA, or CPC pricing models when joining Adsterra. 

Payouts are handled through Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, and wire transfers at Adsterra, which runs on a NET15 basis.


  • Bloggers benefit from industry-high CPMs thanks to the network’s demand pool.


  • There is no real technology to optimize the ad layout and boost Blogger’s income.

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • Bloggers receive regular payments through a variety of payment methods, and Adsterra’s brand and website safety initiatives are highly effective.

2. Newor Media

By bringing in advertisers from alternative ad networks to compete in real-time for your ad spots, Newor provides a full-service ad management platform that fully supports header bidding. 

In contrast to their experiences with alternative ad networks, bloggers benefit from the increased competition among advertisers in the form of better earnings.

Additionally, Newor offers bloggers a selection of revenue-generating tools, help with page-load speed, and consent management to ensure your advertising remains compliant. 

Bloggers can utilize each of these features right on the site. In order to optimize opportunities, clients can also directly collaborate with their account representatives. What really distinguishes Newor from its rivals is an emphasis on combining artificial intelligence with careful human implementation.


  • Personalized interactions, customized approaches, and all the tools and functionalities of an ad management platform.


  • Smaller publishers cannot use Newor Media since it requires at least 30,000 unique visitors per month.

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • Instead of solely relying on AI-based optimization tactics, Newor directly collaborates with publishers to plan ad placements and user experience opportunities.

3. BuySellAds

The transparency of BuySellAds is its greatest asset. Bloggers can set their prices as high or low as they wish and auction off their own ad spaces thanks to this platform, which connects them directly with advertisers.

BuySellAds offers both automatic and manual methods to assist with ad approvals but does not automatically display targeted contextual or automated advertising. Bloggers can choose from a variety of adaptable ad formats, while you can even use RSS feed advertisements.

Getting started with BuySellAds is simple for bloggers who can reach the 50,000 monthly minimum traffic criteria. Payments are made via PayPal, direct deposit, and wire transfer on a NET30 basis.


  • Bloggers appreciate how simple the setup is and how open the bidding process is.


  • A minimum of 50,000 monthly impressions is required to join, and a high 25% high commission is paid to the network.

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • Bloggers have the chance to fully control their bidding procedures thanks to the transparent structure.

4. Propeller Ads

Since Propeller Ads has a solid reputation for having efficient ad optimizations, ad-blocking, and fraud protection technology, many bloggers chose it as their preferred advertising solution. 

Propeller Ads are favored by many people, particularly bloggers, due to the wide variety of ad kinds they offer, including pop-up ad units, push notifications, and sponsored links. However, a notable drawback of this platform is the absence of header bidding.

There is no minimum amount of traffic needed to use Propeller Ads. Payouts are offered with NET30 terms and a $5 minimum by Payoneer, Paypal, and wire transfer.


  • Many bloggers find attraction in the lack of minimum traffic criteria and the $5 minimum payout barrier.


  • Popunder advertising has a negative impact on user experience, low CPMs, and no header bidding significantly restrict ad income possibilities.

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • Propeller Ads provides a variety of advertisements in addition to ad optimization technology.

5. Mediavine

Mediavine Ezoic Alternative

The ability of Mediavine to match website visitors with highly relevant adverts for their businesses is a benefit that bloggers and content producers in a variety of lifestyle sectors (including food, travel, entertainment, and fashion) appreciate.

A great earning potential is provided by Mediavine’s attractive EPMV rates, which are based on all visitors to the site within the time frame. Additionally, Mediavine offers publishers ad support services that let them concentrate on producing content while the network manages ads.

For new website owners, Mediavine does have a minimum requirement of 25,000 monthly website sessions. However, the distribution of ad money is set up so that bloggers receive 75% of the profits. Payments are made through ACH, wire transfer, and Paypal.


  • Bloggers can make more money thanks to Mediavine’s platform, which helps pages load faster and deliver advertising more quickly.


  • For new bloggers, there are rather high traffic requirements, and even fulfilling the criteria doesn’t ensure approval.

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • Highly relevant advertisements for bloggers of certain lifestyle segments.

6. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the biggest ad networks available, and as a result, it welcomes new publishers and advertisers every day. AdSense allows you to run advertising with relative ease, is free to join, and has a straightforward setup procedure. 

These are all fantastic benefits for aspiring bloggers and website owners who wish to begin website monetization.

However, a larger ad network does not always imply a better one. The fact that AdSense doesn’t support header bidding and doesn’t provide many of the ad formats that alternative ad networks do is a significant potential loss. 

Additionally, a lot of bloggers complain about unexpected suspensions and decreases in AdSense revenue.

Earnings from AdSense are processed on a NET30 basis via wire transfer, Rapida, cheque, and electronic funds transfer.


  • Ability to manage and place advertising for free on a variety of websites


  • Unjustified bans that might happen at any time without prior notice, as well as trouble obtaining account assistance

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • AdSense is one of the largest advertiser pools and is simple to sign up for.

7. Adpushup

adpushup Ezoic Alternative

Adpushup is regarded as a rival to Ezoic, in large part because of its variety of optimization tools that combine to increase publisher profits.

In addition to a comprehensive selection of ad formats that publishers can put and test for conversions, features include A/B testing and layout optimizations.

Adpushup works on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, and there are additional solutions available to boost views and engagement and boost revenue. 

A minimum of 10,000 page views per month are needed for sites to be eligible for Adpushup. The network’s straightforward 2-step setup procedure is well-liked by publishers.


  • Competitive prices and a platform that actively strives to increase CTRs through enhanced ad layouts and user experience


  • It’s an invite-only ad network that requires a minimum of 10,000 visits every month.

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • Simple setup combined with options for optimization lets publishers generate large sums of money.

8. Infolinks


Infolinks is a great choice for bloggers that want to shift away from relying mostly on display ads to monetize their websites because of its expertise in in-text advertising. 

An intriguing idea for SEOs is that Infolinks’ in-text advertising finds all of the Blogger’s website’s keywords and then matches you with advertisers who are interested in your genre and content.

Display ad options include header/footer banners, sidebars, and expandable advertisements. Although Infolinks has no minimum monthly page views or traffic limitations, the CPC income model of the platform only results in bigger payouts if your website receives a consistent stream of visitors.

Infolinks uses a NET45 payout system and accepts payments through eChecks, PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union, and ACH.


  • In-text marketing offers excellent SEO opportunities.


  • In-text advertisements cause slower page loads, and CPC doesn’t always result in large profits

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • Infolinks offers a much-needed substitute for display advertising.

9. AdThrive

AdThrive Ezoic Alternative

One of the top ad networks for seasoned bloggers and publishers in the lifestyle sector is AdThrive. Bloggers that write about lifestyles receive highly relevant adverts from the AdThrive network of lifestyle niche advertisers. 

AdThrive additionally provides high incentives and cooperative monetization solutions for display and video ads. AdThrive offers a 75% revenue share on top of that, which is unquestionably among the finest in the sector.

Sadly, joining AdThrive is fairly challenging; the minimum monthly traffic requirement is 100,000 visits. Even so, the time it takes to complete the vetting procedure varies.

Payments from AdThrive are made via Paypal, direct deposit, wire transfer, or cheque, and the company uses a CPM model with NET45 payout conditions.


  • Guaranteed payments are provided, and it links publishers with the top lifestyle advertisers.


  • Joining the network is challenging, and it is not a viable option for publishers who are not in the lifestyle sector.

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • The capacity to specialize in a specific speciality result in more pertinent advertisements, more conversions, and higher income.

10. Media.Net

Yahoo! and Bing jointly own, operate, and administer the international network known as Bloggers and advertisers alike trust for a dependable platform, fantastic placements, and reachable customer care because they are the main ad provider for those two search engines.

Contextual advertising alternatives, native shopping ads, and display advertisements are all provided by to both small and major publications. Bloggers may easily modify color schemes and styles with the use of their layout customization option.

Bloggers are compensated on a PPC basis, with payments made NET30 via wire transfer or Paypal.


  • Recognized for having some of the highest RPM rates in the sector and a thorough reporting dashboard for tracking and analyzing KPIs


  • Bloggers are responsible for ad optimization; traffic must come from the US, Canada, or the UK, and your account may be suspended or flagged for low-quality or insufficient traffic.

Why choose this over Ezoic?

  • More ad forms are available to bloggers, and they have better access to an advertiser network.
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