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Sixteen years ago on 4th of the February, a guy from the Harvard sophomore year had brought one of the world-famous social media platforms that have changed his life completely from the dorm room of Harvard to becoming a hottest starter up of Silicon Valley. So today let’s discuss how to grow up your business like facebook.

Mr Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the Facebook company, with the current net worth of $527 billion. Although the daily active user all around the world is nearly  1.83 billion, remarkable, isn’t it?

Every small or big startup wish to become like Facebook. But do you know what marketing strategies does Facebook use to attract their user? and how do they made their firm from $0 to $527 billion company? Well, I will be giving you complete detail about How to Grow your business like Facebook in 2021 by using their strategy.

How does Facebook come into the mind of Zuckerberg

However, before creating the Facebook Zukerberg arouses his first significant dispute in October 2003.

He builds and published Facemash, a website that authorises only Harvard students to judge the attractiveness of each other to generate the ranking. It was quite similar to the Hot or Not site that was founded in 2000.

He hasn’t got the actual permission for utilising the pictures of students, that is why most of them weren’t happy with it. Until then Facemash was launch. Within a few hours, the site had looked 22k photo views, but within a few days, it was shouted down.

As Zuckerberg had been hauled in front of the Harvard Administration Board. With the threat of expulsion on the table, regardless of this, the board eventually agreed to allow him to stay. After a public apology, he shifted onto his next project that was Facebook.

What was the need for Creating it?

Well, in an interview Zuckerberg said that he was just solving an issue that he saw facing all around him. Sixteen years ago, I was only aiming to help my friends connect to the people into the college’s campus and also a few of our school’s friends.

That was a fundamental need, where I looked around at the internet and there was assistance for plenty of stuff that you needed like you could find any music; you could see any news; you could get any information, but you couldn’t get and connect with the people that you look for. That was the most essential thing. So that looked like a pretty big hole that required to get filled said by Zuckerberg in that interview.

When Facebook began, there were dozens of other social networks running after the same opportunity. But Facebook won, and they lost, as the simple reason was the marketing strategies that attract users towards them.

Will no doubt that the Facebook marketing strategies is quite powerful and it helps them to entertain users quickly. But do you know the reason why Facebook is getting much more success in their social networking domain than others? So let’s see, how to grow your business like Facebook.

Why Facebook is succeeding in social networking?

Below I’ve listed out some of the essential reasons how to grow your business like Facebook in 2021. So let’s see what are they.


Most of Facebook’s success as a business is begun just due to its simplicity. It is an extremely simple way to maintain track of and communicate with your friends and co-workers. However, the user interface is self-descriptive and straightforward to use.

Facebook’s interface is the polar opposite of MySpace’s, which helps users to inject their HTML code to customize their pages to a nauseating peak. The compatible look and touch of Facebook pages make it much simpler to guide and utilize for given periods of time.


Another big reason for Facebook success is the privacy controls that they have put in place. By default, only people who have confirmed that they are in a similar area like school, organisation, or region can see your profile. That can be even further fixed to authorise just friends to look at your profile.

MySpace even provides identical privacy controls, but Facebook’s utilises a network that produces an increased perception of privacy. On MySpace, your profile is either public or restricted to your friends, while on Facebook, it can still be limited to your friends, but it can even be open to people with who it would be helpful to network.

This has resulted in a lot of college youngsters to mass to Facebook, in search of an additional neared network than MySpace.

News Feed

Facebook’s News Feed feature has been published in September of 2006, provides users instant and simple access to intriguing data about their friends from the home page. It was more helpful to grow their business as well.

Although this was a questioning feature at first and provoked a lot of outcry about privacy, I believe that it has become one of Facebook’s defining characteristics. Above everything else, it helps in finding.

The Developer Platform

The big talk covering that Facebook formerly has been introductory for their developer platform. Facebook has given creators some powerful tools to organise applications that can be utilised within the site.

While the entry of these third-party applications pulls out from my first point, simplicity, it more than fantasises for it in expanded functionality. Developers are almost starting to rub the surface of what they can do.

Apart from this all reason, there is one of the most significant and very essential for every entrepreneur to understand that they run their business on 10-year plans especially in 2021. As we see most of the big businesses like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and so on run their business on 10-year plan work.

So, if you have the plan to start your own business or you have a company that has grown up very well, then it is a must for you to follow the pattern that big industry has been using since its establishment. As it will make your path much easier, as you can see now how you can grow your business like Facebook in 2021.

Facebook  Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies for Grow your Business

At the present time, Facebook is using its two essential strategies that had to attract all over the world users to sign in to Facebook account, I.e. generic strategy and intensive growth strategies. However, this maintains a competitive business benefit depending on the efficiency and accessibility of online social media services.

Generic competitive strategies reveal the company’s method and strategic advice for business growth. However, the firm’s generic strategy and intensive growth strategies merge with business stability just to see the SWOT Analysis of Facebook and allow the firm to maintain its market status as one of the world’s overseeing online social networking firms.

Facebook’s Generic Strategy

Facebook utilises the cost leadership generic powerful strategy. This generic strategy includes decreasing the prices of doing business. Price minimisation allows the company to lower its costs competitively. The firm also largely offers its online social media assistance to the global market.

Apparently, this condition is obtained through the nature of Facebook’s business. For example, the firm utilises computing technologies to increase the efficiency of its social networking website.

The online essence of this business allows Facebook to simply obtain to Internet users across the international market to grow their businesses, thereby fulfilling the broad competitive gap of the cost leadership generic strategy.

The cost leadership generic competitive strategy drives to the strategic goal of broadening Facebook’s online social network user base. An associated financial strategic goal would be to boost the firm’s income by at least 35% annually.

 In this generic strategy for robust advantage, Facebook has the capability to fulfil such strategic goals by concentrating on heightening its membership, which now stands at more than 1.83 billion monthly active users. Cost leadership is powerfully bounded to the firm’s intensive growth strategies.

Facebook’s Intensive Growth Business Strategies

Market Penetration

Facebook get growth mainly through the market penetration intensive strategy. The purpose of this intensive growth strategy is to increase the recent market share.

For example, one of its strategic goals is to increases the company share in recent markets by creating partnerships with telecommunications firms to maximise the number of users who sign in the firm’s social media service through the Facebook mobile app.

 This intensive growth strategy helps the firm’s generic powerful strategy of cost leadership by increasing the market reach via existing investments.

Market Development

Market development is the secondary intensive strategy that Facebook utilises for business development. The purpose of this intensive development strategy is to reach new markets.

 For example, one of Facebook’s strategic goals is to organise with governments to permit their locals to access the online social network. This intensive technique merges with Facebook’s corporate goal and vision statements, which intensify the development through global market reach.

Such market space increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the business and satisfies the firm’s cost leadership generic powerful strategy.


Facebook even though utilises diversification as a corroborative intensive strategy for growth. The primary goal of this intensive growth strategy is to organise new businesses.

For example, the firm acquired strong Oculus VR to provide virtual reality technology that completes social networking services. Across this intensive growth strategy, the Facebook strategic goal is to buy or build new associates or businesses to boost incomes and market reach.

 The cost leadership generic powerful strategy includes cost depreciation that favours the execution of this intensive strategy.

Product Development

Product development is a corroborative intensive growth strategy utilised in the Facebook social media business. This intensive strategy includes new products.

For example, for a strategic purpose, Facebook created mobile apps to fill out the social networking website. The firm goes on with the development of new product subsidies. Although, this intensive strategy results in Facebook’s marketing mix or 4Ps.

Apart from this, all the new products entice more individual users and advertisers, which are the primary source of the firm’s income. The cost leadership generic powerful strategy optimises revenue margins when executing this intensive growth strategy.

How Can You Take The Benefit Of Facebook For Your Business?

As we know that the current time Facebook has almost 2,320 million users and is ranked an extremely famous social media site worldwide. Before its origin in 2004, this social network has risen exponentially.

 Membership is free, with the forum generating most of its income from paid advertisers, who are prepared to surpass prospects and customers in a highly targeted and fascinating manner. Facebook assists as a helpful alley to produce leads and increase sales of products and services for any niche or business.

 With so many people on the site, you generate an audience regardless of your need or niche. Moreover, if you are in business today, specifically online, you can’t avoid marketing on Facebook in some cases.

Advertising on Facebook is somewhat simple related to other platforms and can be highly targeted. Yet, you will require a strong marketing strategy to increase your return on investment (ROI) & Engage with your client group. With a solid Facebook marketing strategy, you can gain your audience at a time when they are prepared to purchase; or at least bring up the awareness of your firm, product, and services so you will see their first preference when they are willing to buy. This easy marketing strategy will support you in getting started.

Be Active With Your Facebook Presence

Facebook is continually changing. It looks like that every hour there is new content available to be absorbed. To take part in that, you have to devote yourself to your Facebook marketing strategy. Continuously posting fresh content to your firm’s Facebook page, such as images, videos and links back to your website.

Give offers and extraordinary deals, write news about product launches and do live streams by utilising Facebook Live. The promising stuff is that all of this exertion to stimulate and grow your audience and generate leads is free.

However, be sure to invest in this chance by offering a lot of valuable data to maintain consumers curiosity. You may undoubtedly need to consider utilising a social media planning tool to assist you in automating your Facebook posting movements.

If your Facebook existence grows large enough where you have to decrease and react to several comments. You should suppose to employing an associate to deal with social media marketing tasks.

Reach Your Best Customers With Facebook Ads

One of the metrics that multiple firms strive for is extra “likes” and “followers”. While the numbers are essential, this should not be your primary goal. Instead, your priority should be on catching up with your best clients, who are more likely to purchase and even buy repeatedly your products or services.

Providing free content is a crucial part of any Facebook marketing scheme. But you should even use paid advertising because it authorises you to catch up with your best clients instantly.

Facebook’s back-office tools help you to drill down to people who are possible to be eager in what you have to offer and who will like to find out additional about your products and your firm.

Facebook even offers sharp options where you can update your list of existing candidates and clients. Facebook will generate an identical audience of people who are most probable to do business with you. After you have targeted your audience, you should build attractive compelling offers that generate attention and probably sales.

Grow Up Your Audience

Your Facebook marketing technique should involve connecting your audience to indicate that you care about them and their work. By always answering issues and dealing with comments, you keep clients curious and committed. Moreover, if there is a problem or difficulty, be sure to generate a new post to fix it.

Facebook is pointed to increasing the time users spend on their site. Thus, if you are active and creating a community of active people, the site will assist you to optimise your free posted content, as well as the paid ads you may be operating. In turn, you will gain more users, get more traffic, and achieve extra leads and sales.

Being active on Facebook and maintaining an active audience sounds the audience of that site are interested in you.

Things Need To Be Taken Into Consideration While Starting Business In 2021

Recently, we all have seen signs that many businesses have been collapsed due to this Covid-19 situation. Many of the companies are reopening during the last quarter of 2020.

It’s coming to be increasingly challenging to plan for the future. Accordingly, most business owners and administrators might wonder how they can create a growth strategy for 2021. 

But what you require is a strategic direction to give an objective for your business and assist you in fixing practical purposes to achieve in the coming year. 

Here are some ways to create your 2021 business strategy during this last quarter of 2020, considering Facebook.

Focus on what you can do

What you have to do now is now look simply at what you can do. For example, when cafeterias were told they couldn’t fulfil clients indoors, they transitioned to delivery, takeout and large outdoor decks.

No matter what type of business you run, this is the situation to expand and utilise for your 2021 business strategy. The can-do method will begin with a list of what is conceivable. Here are some useful examples:

  • You can do the transition to doing business online.
  • Study new markets for potential growth and diversification.
  • However, bind with clients personally to heighten up your relationship. 
  • Build a diverse yet still incredible experience for your customers. 
  • Revisit the marketing strategy.

Once you distinguish what you can do and even if it needs an adjustment in the business atmosphere, you can then create quantitative purposes and a pack of tactics for accomplishing them. 

Extend your product launch schedule 

If your small business develops new commodities, then your 2021 business strategy should deal with those launches with modern knowledge of the modifications wrought in 2020. Everything from a shortage of raw materials to illness caused works shutdowns made several product launches to a rubbing halt. 

Use that knowledge to create a new timeline for product improvement, believing that many of those aspects may begin again to affect the procedure. Broadening your timeframe for product launches will even assist you in making strategic business outcomes about labour, marketing and many more. 

Provide valuable resources for customers

Concentrate your business strategy for 2021 on your clients and client handling efforts, such as adding to the importance you provide to them, and the ways in which those efforts assist with your earnings objectives. 

On the sales side, offering more choices for financial aid could assist new clients in making their first purchases. For examples involve layaway, structured expenditure plan services and other expenditure options that handle smaller cash flows and reduced client confidence. 

For marketing objectives, you even have significant time and a chance to plan content and offer access to identical useful aids that provide data to your buyers and prospects. These strategies might not deliver a sudden profit. But it can be helpful to connect prospects now, so they are willing to purchase when things get better. 

Use the time to make improvements

Look at the empty canvas 2021 proposes as a chance to develop. Some businesses may have been bothering a complete digital adaptation. If that’s the outbreak for your firm, now is the excellent time for adapting more physical and paper-based methods to a digital format. 

Your business strategy can concentrate on documenting this modification, involving the timeline for testing and executing those new digital methods. Adapting this will surely be better to prepare you for when business picks up again.

You may then even see that you can nicely attach with clients and give them the digital experiences that they have arrived to expect in other portions of their lives. 

Develop a multi-plan approach

With uncertainty expected to resume in 2021, it’s best to have one or more backup plans for your company. Layout probable contingencies that you may deal with in the coming year and utilise this time to craft strategic reactions.

These strategic plans can deal with numerous strategies like ongoing health concerns, reopening at a slower rate, proceeded with openings and closings, remote and on-demand climates and full reopening.

Use the experience of 2020 to prepare each of these plans so that it will definitely be successful. Many of these strategies may have already been verified useful this year, or they may be ones you are yet testing. 

Research strategies that operated for other businesses, even for them, you have not yet carried out, maybe because your strategy points out on a return to a recognisable environment. 

Now, in dealing with different potential growths, much of what you plan for may realise as though you are a startup testing the waters once more. Making out these multiple business plans can even prepare you better for any pivots from one strategy to another. 

More certainty than uncertainty

As you now know that these strategies to building your 2021 business growth strategy. You will find a ton of actions that you can take with truth to neutralise the question.

By proactively dealing with the areas listed here, you can maintain your priority on running your small business ahead with resiliency and a constructive opinion that the future is bright is not.

To Grow Business Like Facebook, Need To Think Like It

Everyone sees the success of Facebook, but no one wants to hear about the reasons why it has been this popular, and how does their struggle lead them to this spot. Although, I will be going to give you a quick overview of how to grow your business like Facebook has become this successful.

Research explains that Facebook is nowadays a world in itself —third in terms of population. Facebook became successful because the understandings behind were not of a creator; it was like a user craving the developer to develop that platform.

Facebook is informational, simple to use, assists people in connecting where ever they are, provided a massive platform for media people to share their opinions. Furthermore, assist them in making people attentive that what is going on, Keeps one up to date.

As this was the fundamental reason why Facebook is booming, so many stories behind it, but these are the basic ones. And Facebook didn’t leave behind in providing any kind of comfort to their users regularly.

It doesn’t even matter if you own a small or big business. The only thing is what values you offer to your customers and how you provide your service for them. This is the way how you can grow your business like Facebook.

Final Verdict

When Beginning with a small idea does not imply that your business will be short. My simple suggestion for aspiring entrepreneurs thinking of beginning their own business is: start small little forever think big.

Technology also has helped firms to think bigger than hardly selling to their local community. And sets the world at their fingertips.

Utilising continual Facebook marketing strategy to grow your business by enticing more customers. You may see that Facebook is the most useful and successful marketing channel in your business.

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