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Everyone has unique habits so millionaires too. The main difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich have specific success habits that the poor do not have. In addition to that, there is also a way that the rich handle themselves that the poor cannot seem to understand. Financial independence comes from knowing what you want to achieve in life and having different and realistic ways of achieving those goals. There are some success habits that only millionaires and rich people have, and these habits have led to their financial independence. The habits that the rich have include the following. 

1. They are persistent

The only way to get things done even when you feel like giving up is to be persistent. It is not guaranteed that you are going to succeed immediately you try working on something. You will try and fail severally before you finally get it right.

One of the common habits that millionaires have is that they are very persistent in what they do. In the process of trying to gain financial independence, the rich face many challenges along the way. However, the only difference that they have from the poor is that they do not give up when faced with those specific challenges. They learn how to handle these challenges and always view them positively.

Persistence is a habit that is learned and practised. When faced with any challenge, the rich refuse to give up because they know that success is just around the corner. In addition to that, studies have shown that the rich are persistent not only when trying to gain financial independence, but in all aspects of their lives. They are organized and careful on how they spend their free time, they pursue a specific goal for a long time until they achieve it, they have learned and know how to control their emotions, and they are also persistent in reading something meaningful every day.

2. They set specific and attainable goals

Having goals is important since you have to work so that you have those specific goals. So millionaires have that great habit and even other habits maintain from this as a goal. The big difference that exists between the rich and the poor is that the rich set specific goals that they can attain whereas the poor set many goals, and end up not achieving even one. To be able to achieve your financial independence, you need to ensure that you have listed the goals that you want to achieve in place, so that you work towards one thing instead of working to fulfil many goals, most or all of which you may not be able to fulfil. 

The rich always follow the SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based. Setting goals that are attainable is the first trick to financial independence. It is important that you work towards attaining one goal at a time however small it may be. Let’s see the SMART goal framework to get more idea.

Smart goal framework for achieve financial independence
SMART goal framework

SMART Goal Framework

  • Specific: This means that you have to be specific regarding the goals that you want to achieve. Always Focus on one goal. The word itself says Follow One Course Until Success.
  • Measurable: the only way that you will know if you are attaining your specific goal is to measure it. For instance, if you are a freelancer, and you have a goal of raising $2000 by the end of the month, you will measure the number of work you have done and completed. 
  • Achievable: set a goal that you know you can achieve. The rich have a habit of setting one goal and ensuring that they have set a realistic and achievable goal. This is usually the first step to gaining financial independence. Achievable goals are those goals that you can accomplish within a specific time frame.
  • Relevant: relevant goals are those that align with your values and help you achieve a bigger goal in the long term. In addition to that, relevant goals should contribute to your broader objective. If your goal is not relevant then you may want to rethink it. To achieve financial independence by setting goals, you need to ask yourself why the goal you have set is important to you.
  • Time-based: have a specific time frame when you want to accomplish your goal. When you set a specific time that you want to use to accomplish your goals, you will make that goal to be a priority. For instance, assuming that you want to buy a car in the next year, and then by the end of that one year, you realize that you have not achieved that goal. You should then ask yourself why you have not accomplished your goal within the stipulated time.  

3. They have mentors

Rich people know that they cannot achieve everything on their own. They need mentors to guide them and show them the right way. This is why they gain their financial independence more than a person who thinks that working on his own will make him achieve his goals. Research has it that about 93% of rich people have mentors who assist them on their path to becoming successful. Finding a good mentor may be very challenging especially since these mentors determine your success. However, the trick is to look for a mentor who you can look up to, and one who has an interest in your career.

millionaires have mentors to maintain their habits clearly

There are some mentors who only value the pay and do not put in any work in ensuring that you achieve your financial independence. It’s hard to find honest mentors. Some will leave you to work alone, and in the process, you may lose track. There are various reasons why working with a mentor is very important. The reasons include the following.

  • Mentors help you to avoid the mistakes that they made themselves while on the same journey as you. 
  • Having a mentor is also important since they can connect you with different people on the same path as you, who will continue to help you along the way. 
  • A mentor is also important since he inspires and motivates you to stay on the right track. They do this by ensuring that you keep working on the goals that you have set in place. 

4. They are positive

Positivity is also another habit that rich people have. They know that things may not always turn out the way they wanted, and are flexible enough to allow for any changes to happen. However, The main habit that they have, they see the positive in all the negative situations so that’s why most millionaires do what 99% of people do not.

train your mind to see the positive in every situation for get financial independence

The rich are also grateful for the things that they have. They try to avoid wasting their time by gossiping and engaging in other activities. In addition to that, these individuals tend to gain financial independence fast because they enjoy their careers more. They do not work simply because they want to be paid, but they work because they love what they do and they are positive about their environments too.

5. They educate themselves

One of the great habits that millionaires have in their lives is educating themself. The rich also spend more of their time educating themselves than ordinary people. Ordinary peoples spend their time on unnecessary stuff such as watching TV, playing games. While rich educate themselves by reading different books during their free time.

Also, one of the important reasons why rich people educate themselves by self-learning instead of formal education is because the school does not teach you some important facts about money. Learn more about what does school not teach you about money.

millionaire habits to become financially secure

This helps them to expand their knowledge. Also, a person who learns by himself is educated than the person who learns from school. Most of the educated people are poor because they haven’t knowledge from self-education. Self-education is one of the things that the rich do, and they use what they have learned to help them make various decisions, achieve their goals and improve their lives.

6. They avoid lifestyle creep

We have already discussed this on “The 3 rules that only rich have“. There we got an idea about how lifestyle creeps effects your success. For instance, an individual who is being paid $5000 every month, will buy a car by leasing without investing in any business or real estate, then he or she will definitely face a problem with his budget.

What does millionaire do to remain their pose

This is completely different for the rich. They completely avoid a lifestyle creep by all means. The more money they make, the more they try to maintain their current lifestyle. This has saved them thousands of coins, which have been turned into lifetime investments. It reaches a point where they no longer have to worry about working, because of the investments that they have put in place. They will sit and enjoy themselves as more money is being generated, unlike the ordinary person who will keep working for the rest of his life to make ends meet.

7. They surround themselves with success-oriented people

Millionaires and most rich people have one of the best habits of surrounding themselves with successful people. They have a group of people who want or who have achieved the same things that they also want in life. Through this, they get to learn from others and know of different ways to achieve their set goals.

habits that millionaires have

One thing with rich people is that they are not jealous of each other; instead, they always work towards ensuring that all of them are successful at the end of the day. Also, many Billionaires got success from their team. For instance,

  • Mark Zuckerberg found Facebook with his Harvard University friends, in particular Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.
  • childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Microsoft.
  • Max LevchinPeter Thiel, and Luke Nosek found Paypal.

Have you ever wondered why millionaires have clubs that consist of only the rich people, and hang out with each other during their free time with their common habits? This is because they know the importance of helping each other achieve success at the end of the day. They form these clubs and make it a habit of meeting at least once a month so that they can just share or help a colleague. When the person being helped masters the art and also becomes successful at one point, he will always be there when his help is needed. This is why when rich people are having fundraising for people who are in need, they tend to raise more money and most of this money is gotten from their rich friends too. They end up raising more money from their circle, more than the average person would.


In summary, the rich have success habits that are completely different from the habits that an ordinary person has. First, they believe in having a positive attitude in everything that they do. When they encounter different obstacles, they face them instantly and do not run away from them. Also, they have good habits like spend most of their time educating themselves by reading different books and biographies of other millionaires that make them grow. Lastly, they also know the importance of surrounding themselves with success-oriented individuals. These groups of people are open to helping each other and pushing each other toward achieving their set goals. Therefore, to gain financial independence, one needs to develop the habits that the rich have.

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