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I hope you have gone to a school previously or still studying at a school as a student. Whatever, every child should go to school and get the knowledge that they want. But I highlighted one important thing, are you sure you got everything you needed from school to live in the society and even start your own business or build your own wealth? Money is essential for every person in the world today and everyone struggles to build their own wealth, but even after graduation, many people are still poor because important facts about the economy do not teach from school:( For many reasons the school does not teach us about finance and economics, so we will discuss them after learning what you did not get out of school about money and finance.

Then what the hell is going on in schools? Why do most people haven’t enough knowledge to stand up from their current level? What school doesn’t teach you about money? Let’s see one by one!

School is the most important place to get knowledge and experience. We should always respect the school because you are reading this article because of the school. However, some significant things are missed up you and me from our school. Those are really important when we out from school with graduate or without. It is not the fault of the teachers. The whole system is designed to keep the poor as poor.

Bear in mind, there are 121 million children out of education worldwide so these are not the only things they missed. 

What is the modern school system?

The modern education system is a system that teaches only a limited and recommended set of lessons by the teachers to the students. Also, the curriculum or all lessons are designed around economic, environmental and social factors. The main point is there is a lack of education that financially and socially affects our life.

The teachers don’t know that, but they are doing their job perfectly. However, by looking at our society, we can see the main things that school does not teach you. For example, most people don’t know their abilities and some don’t know what to do with their skills. So they confuse after their schooling. 

Anyway, let’s see the things that school doesn’t teach you to become financially secure.

things that school doesn't teach you

1. How to sell

Why does such an essential factor doesn’t teach in school? Selling is a key part of starting your own business, and even if you went to an interview, they also ask you to sell a pen or anything to them. Anyone can sell also anyone can tell that sales were taught at school. Yes, it’s right, But are you sure you are know everything you need to know about selling?

If everyone knows about selling, why does every person cannot succeed in their business? 

Do you know that 90% of new business startups fail as estimated?

Yes, that’s the lack of education system in school because school teaches like give a product or service to buyer and take money from them, that’s it, but in the real world, it is so complex than it sounds.

Then how to sell effectively? Let’s see with quick steps.

  • The product or service must be for consumers. (not for you)
  • Do better research about competitors and demand.
  • Define your target buyers.
  • Be considered psychological quirks.
  • Hit an emotional high point.
  • Remember that you are selling to a person, not to Robert.

These are not totally enough to succeed in your business, you must do depth research and gather more knowledge by practising consistently.

2. How to think

When it comes to thinking, it is a completely different one that is unique to everyone in the world. Also, many students do not know how to think wisely because the school does not teach and improve thinking skills. They teach you to learn and write them on exam papers by keeping lessons in your mind. Is that the thinking?

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Do you know that there are 6 types of thinking patterns?

  1. Perceptual thinking
  2. Conceptual or abstract thinking
  3. Reflective thinking
  4. Creative thinking
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Non-directed or associative thinking

Have you chosen your thinking pattern?

However, if you can think creatively and conceptually, the result will be awesome when you apply your concepts to work.

3. How to face failure

One of the important life skills that school does not teach us is how to face failure. We all know that we face many failures from a young age due to competition in our society and environment. However, every school has this competition, and most students struggle with it. Also, many students fall into depression at school because of their failure.

Then why such a competition in schools?

The competition is everywhere and it is essential to be because every new thing and solution come up with the competition. For example, if there were only one car company in the world, it would never produce electric cars because there are no competitors to increase their sales.

So let’s see how to face failure. There are some simple steps to overcome failure in our life.

  1. Understand Failure Is The Key Path To Success
  2. Remain Calm and Reflect
  3. Learn From Your Failures
  4. Don’t Rationalize Your Failure
  5. Self Confidence
  6. Stay In The Present

Be afraid to fail is not a habit of millionaires and also entrepreneurs.

If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.

Jack Ma

4. How to manage time

One of the most valuable things in our life is time. We cannot stop the time and there are so many ways to spend time. Also, there is a systematic time period in our schools, and students make the most of the time. So the school has a good time management system that covers relevant sessions and syllabus on a regular basis. 

But when it comes to the real world, the scene is quite different, because school taught how to manage time in school, not in the outside world. For example, a lot of people struggle to make money in a short time but they lose their current wealth as the result.

So let’s see how to manage the time that school hasn’t taught for you;

  • Set goals correctly
  • Prioritize wisely
  • Set a time limit
  • Take a break between tasks
  • Organize yourself
  • Remove nonessential tasks
  • Plan ahead

Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life. 

Steve Jobs

Your success will depend on how you spend your time, so use the time, manage the time, make the most of the time.

5. How to handle money

One of the essential things that school does not teach us is financial education. Money handling or money managing is another essential part of our lives to build our wealth. There are so many ways to earn money but it does not make sense if you haven’t any idea of money management and grow your wealth. According to Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant, everyone makes money in one or more from the cash flow quadrants. 

However, the school doesn’t teach about money because they know that it’s a powerful knowledge to build your own wealth than government. So that’s why most billionaires are self students. 

Formula Education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune

Do you know there are 3 Financial Rules that only the rich know?

They learn by their mistakes so making financial mistakes will retrieve you the best knowledge of financial education. Also, you can study the 4 financial rules of Robert Kiyosaki, which explained to entrepreneurs how to build their lives and be financially secure.

6. How to invest

There are so many things to learn about investing that even teachers do not know. So how do students know that? Investing refers to keeping or purchasing assets with your money for future income and benefits. Many people are afraid to invest because there is a significant risk to lose all their money. But investment has the power to increase your wealth from zero to hero as well as destroy it from hero to zero.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you will earn.

Warren Buffet

As one of the greatest investor Warren Buffet said, knowledge is what elevate you. It is a great crime not to have that knowledge from school. However, the only way to learn and improve investment skills is through experience. So start at simple investment and scale it to get more benefits and make a long term passive income.

Also, the reason why the school does not teach you about the investment may be the high risk, because people destroy themselves due to their financial desire. 

7. How to find your passion

Passion is unique for everyone. It’s dangerous if you can not find your passion because what you do and are going to do and your future success depends on your passion. We see so many students looking for jobs and struggling to make money after school because they have to find a way to live. Unfortunately, most of them fail to be unique and make their career. The reason is they don’t know what passion and skill they have.

For example, many people are employed for money but they do not like it and it is not their desire. So they work there with difficulty. To avoid difficulty and pressure, we can find our passion with simple points that schools haven’t taught us.

  • Start with the right perspective
  • Get out your metal detector
  • Consider your talents
  • Look for common themes in your interests
  • Narrow down your interests
  • Rekindle a childhood passion
  • Explore the things you’ve always wanted to try
  • Find people who are interested in your niche
  • Do what things that encourage you

Following tips will help you determine your passion and grow with it instead of struggling with uncomfortable and dislike stuff.

8. How to start a business

It should not be essential to start your own business. You can work in an existing business as an employer at the beginning. But the time will grow, you will get more experience from your job, and then you maybe decide to build your own business. So, that is the right way to start your business because if you start a business at once without experience, it will definitely lose.  

Didn’t the school teach us business then? Someone can tell yes, school have taught that how to start a business.

But the system changed and it still updating. So it is difficult to start a successful business with your school knowledge. I already have mentioned that how many businesses fail at their first startup.

There are many factors to consider, and you need to pay attention to every single point that contributes to the success of your business. For example, Product, Consumers, Marketing, Sales, Contributors etc.

So no one can stop your success if you have a great business plan that is effectively designed to target the right customers.

9. How to Negotiate

Negotiation is a significant element that cannot be overlooked when talking about businesses. But unfortunately, negotiation also hasn’t been taught in our schools. If you went to a shop or probably in your daily routine, you must negotiate with many things.

For example, if you want to buy an expensive product at a cheaper price, you should negotiate with the seller and reduce the price range. So that negotiation should not be a violent one. But many people fail to do this correctly and get done their purpose.

Not only reduce but also, if you are an employee, you might have definitely tried to raise your salary by negotiating with your boss. Has it succeeded?

However, there is no fault in teachers because they also learned from schools. Probably teachers even don’t know how to negotiate effectively.

10. How the taxes work

Everyone is asking what the school does not teach us about money so this is the most important thing that school does not teach you about money. Taxes are an essential factor to sustain survival in many countries. Yet, many people are burdened with taxes due to their economy. Typically, you are required to pay taxes after the age of 18.

Do you know if you study taxes in-depth, you can avoid most taxes? So then the government will fail to levy taxes on people who know how to control taxes. That’s why many government schools do not have a lesson in explaining how to control taxes because they are maintained by taxes levied on the public.

There are over 1 billion people burden in poverty, according to Think for a while of the difficulty they face when government levy taxes from them. However, the main reason that much in poor is lack of their education. It is easy to levy taxes when you are poor.

Why the school does not teach us these things?

The things that school does not teach about economy

There are many reasons why the school doesn’t teach these facts. The main reason is rulers prefer to limit the people and reduce the traffic in society. Also, the government can make billions of money from people by getting taxes. But if all people become wealthy, they cannot charge a significant amount of money from the community.

Because if you are rich, there are many ways to reduce taxes.

That’s why mostly the education has created like that. That is not a bad thing at all, because taxes and other levies are essential to the survival of the whole world. To balance all the things correctly, we have to limit some extremely important things. So it starts with school.

But, today we have the internet as a massive school for everyone to learn anything free. So never miss that chance because knowledge is a key element to become successful.

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