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How to find copywriting job

If you click this article, that means you know the basics of copywriting, and now you are looking for ways to find a copywriting job. You know what it takes to become a copywriter. You need to know how to actually get a copywriting job for beginners.

Check out our list of the top 5 steps on how to find a copywriting job.

1. Job Boards

Most reputable job boards will provide a section emphasizing opportunities for copywriters. A fast scan and search might be helpful, even if you might occasionally need to go beneath the more generic marketing or writing tags.

Make sure to register for email notifications after obtaining your list of job boards. You may save a ton of time by doing this since copy jobs will be sent straight to your email.

2. Produce Original Content

One of the best things about being a freelance writer is that you can always produce quality content to showcase your skills. Your copywriting skills are no different.

You can use sample email autoresponder sequences or sales pages to demonstrate your writing skills. Or write amazing, in-depth, keyword-optimized blog pieces for your site (or as a guest post) instead. Although they can address general copy subjects, it’s preferable to develop content that focuses on your area of expertise or is more particular to the kind of job you want to undertake.

3. Family & Friends

For whatever reason, many people never consider asking their friends and relatives whether they know of any employers. The simplest thing you can do is this, pretty much. It also takes a little under a minute.

What you can do is:

  • Mention it casually to your friends and family.
  • Send out a newsletter or mass email to the public to inform them of the new updates.
  • Tell your social media followers that you are now a copywriter.
  • Make a direct inquiry if you have friends or relatives who work in the industry you’re interested in.

Since everyone knows someone who can help, you truly never know. Don’t underestimate this strategy because many individuals utilize connections to get entry to doors.

4. Write Guest Post

Follow everyone on your client list, including editors and other freelancers who work there, on social media. Check out the content that they distribute, especially if they link to or highlight writers’ guest blogs or featured posts.

Then, try to secure guest posts on such websites to grab their attention before approaching them with excellent guest pieces that demonstrate your mastery of concepts like sales, persuasion, and conversion. That’ll spark their curiosity.

5. Use Social Media To Find New Clients

Finding potential copy clients with social media is a wonderful resource. You have many more options than simply posting a job posting saying you’re searching for copywriting employment.

What to do is as follows:

  • Make an effort to get the attention of editors and brands by following and responding to them.
  • In order to be prepared to seize opportunities, you may also track important hiring keywords.
  • See if you can find any people with whom you share ties who could be able to set you up with someone.
  • Follow other copywriters as well, particularly notable ones and those in your niche.


Now you know how to find a copywriting job. It’s time to dive into the copywriting pool if you’re prepared and get some incredible copywriting jobs! Doing copywriting as a job can make you a good sum of money. I hope this advice will get you off to a good start earning money online.

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