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Do you still wonder how to make money on Pinterest? So in this post, I will be going to talk about Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog, and I’ll be giving you complete guidance on how to get a Pinterest affiliate link and how to promote your affiliate products on it.

Well, before getting into deep, let’s first know in short about Pinterest. For sure, you might be aware of Pinterest but still for people who don’t know about Pinterest and what it is? 

What is Pinterest

Pinterest affiliate marketing for beginners
Affiliate marketing for beginners

Pinterest is a visual search engine just like Google images, but it’s way better than google images. Eventually, Pinterest creates a search-driven forum with high-quality pictures and graphics.

Pinterest has plenty of buying traffic that’s often shopping and researching products. Ultimately, this makes Pinterest a perfect place for affiliate marketing.

Yet, many platforms offer you an affiliate program, but what makes Pinterest apart from others and why Pinterest only why not others. I want to know why Pinterest, so just keep reading; some interesting facts may mesmerize you.

Why Pinterest for Affiliate marketing?

As I mentioned above, Pinterest is a visual search engine with a social segment. Eventually, there are 320 million monthly active users, from which 70% of them are women, who are using this platform to make buying decisions. They follow the trend and figure out where to go on vacation, which diet to follow or what blogging courses to acquire to develop their skills.

Pinterest users further have spending power, with a top household income of about $75,000. Interesting right! Well, these Pinterest statistics make the forum a stunning place for affiliate marketing. Starting from writing content, such as reviews, tutorials, and product comparisons is an ideal affiliate marketing strategy, yeah it can be a time-consuming process. Yet it is worth it.

One of the fascinating things about Pinterest is that it allows you to get your affiliate links in front of potential buyers in a less time-intensive manner.
If you are a complete beginner in the world of affiliate marketing.

So today, I’ll walk you through the steps to get your Pinterest affiliate link and also I will be going to let you know how to create an affiliate pin and upload them to Pinterest. Also, In the end, I’ll be going to add a few of my own favourite high earning Affiliate programs to help you earn a handsome amount of money. So keep reading till the end.

Reason for giving priority to Pinterest over other social media networks

No doubt, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are famous social media sites. But some reasons make Pinterest superior to them. These include:

  • Pinterest demands less time, money, and work.
  • It is easy to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest.
  • There are very few chances of spam as it’s not crowded with a huge population.
  • You don’t need to learn Pinterest SEO; simply add a good content pin with the affiliate link.

How Does Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Works?

To make money on Pinterest, you must have a clear idea about this affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing refers to getting paid through companies by selling their products or services. You will retrieve the percentage of commission in every purchase that buyers make going via your affiliate link.

There are so many bloggers on Pinterest who are already doing affiliate marketing through a blog. Also, they make a good amount of bucks per month just only sharing affiliate links on Pinterest through their blog posts. Also, as I mentioned, this can be done without a blog as well.

Pinterest affiliate marketing without a blog

Technically, you don’t require a website or blog to make money on Pinterest affiliate marketing. But if you’re looking for a long-term game and want to make passive income, you need to have a website or blog to play a genuine game.

Note:- There are fewer chances to make a significant amount of money by doing affiliate marketing without a blog. Because according to the business procedure, you have to build the user’s interest and trust before converting to a buyer.

Well, talking about my own experience on Pinterest was somehow okay; however, I don’t use to spend much time on Pinterest in my initial days; thus, I haven’t got many outcomes. The reason behind this was, I didn’t even create any blog posts and simply used plenty of pins with direct affiliate links. Then I started to spend hours researching the ways to promote the product.

I began to create an eye-catchy account, made well-organized quality content and brought traffic through a website. Yeah, that true! Pinterest doesn’t give you much space for content the website is a way better place to convert a profitable audience into buyers.

You simply have to consider a few more things, i.e. strategy and your content’s excellence. Furthermore, you even need a good affiliate program that gives you more profit. But do you know the process of getting an affiliate link? Well, no worries, let me help you with it.

Pinterest affiliate marketing coplete guide for beginners

How to get your affiliate links for Pinterest

However, It does is beneficial to get an affiliate for a niche. You will have to be well researched and make your Pinterest very organized first-hand. Still, here are some easy steps to follow to get your Affiliates on your Pinterest.

#1 Enrol with an affiliate program

The first step is to enrol in an affiliate application or product. This may be any program or product you can select. Don’t worry if you can’t find the best affiliate programs, we have added some trending and trusted affiliate programs at the bottom. I’d recommend which you live with merchandise that matches the area of interest in your Pinterest profile.

#2 Stay your niche

Don’t move outdoor of your niche if your Pinterest profile is also linked to your blog. Because in this manner, it’s going to damage your complete profile, and it might affect your weblog traffic. So be careful with them.

#3 Get affiliate product links

Locating an affiliate software or link is as smooth as goggling a selected product + “associate application.” Usually, if a product has an affiliate software, which is not continually the case, then you’ll find it this way. Then you join up for this system and wait to get approval.

Then you join up for this system and wait to get approval.

#4 Move to other affiliate programs as well

Any other option is to work with associate networks such as Shareasale or Flexoffers. These are essentially databases of all varieties of affiliate programs that work with their network. Those networks are also often less complicated to get.

#5 Check the affiliate links

Make sure to apply the genuine affiliate hyperlinks on your pin and no longer a redirect, due to the fact these days Pinterest has commenced penalizing redirects. Another of the most important motives is why a few Affiliate links don’t work correctly on Pinterest as others.

How to place an affiliate pin on Pinterest

Until now, you might be well aware of the steps of getting an affiliate link. So now, to get your affiliate pin on Pinterest, you simply have to log in to your Pinterest business account and do the following.

Create Pin

First of all, click on the “+” symbol if you are using the mobile Pinterest app. In Pc, you can simply click on the “create pin” on the top menu bar.

create pin on Pinterest
source: Pinterest

Upload affiliate product images

Then, simply upload the pin that you’ve created to promote the affiliate product.
Most of the time, the product creator itself will give you a pre-made affiliate pin. Moreover, you can just use that as well, but make sure you utilize multiple pins, at least three different pins, to promote any affiliate product.

Add the affiliate link

Simply copy and paste your actual affiliate link into the website section. But if you run an affiliate blog, you have to put the blog post link(which include affiliate links) in here to get visitors from Pinterest to your blog.

Pinterest affiliate web link
source: Pinterest

But keep in mind that it is against Pinterest’s policy to use a link shortener like, Pretty Link, or any other. Ensure that you always copy and paste the actual affiliate link you got from the merchant or affiliate program.

Write amazing pin description

It is a must to write a comprehensive description of the pin, focusing on 2-3 good keywords.

Well, it goes like this, one keyword will be your main targeted keyword, and the other two will be the least used keywords. To make your growth on Pinterest, you need to make sure that your main target keyword should appear in your pin title and pin description.

This indicates that you have well optimized your pin to rank highly for that targeted keyword. As a result, Pinterest is more inclined to reflect your pin to someone who searches for the keyword.

As we know, the Pinterest algorithm is entirely different from Google; it demands fresh, appropriate content for users
So you can simply help the Pinterest algorithm do that by explaining specifically what your pin is about using keywords. That’s why Pinterest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) play an important role here.

Share your pins on boards

Keep in mind to Save your affiliate pins to the most relevant, well-keyworded board.
This is important! Never save your affiliate pins, or any pins for that matter, to generic, all-niche boards. You will confuse Pinterest.

For example, when you share your new pin, the Pinterest algorithm begins to work just to figure out what that pin is all about. However, it differentiates this based on the image, the keywords you used in the title and description, and the boards where your pin is saved.

Well, if you are saving your pin to a public board, you are forfeiting a huge opportunity to indicate to Pinterest what your pin is about. So if Pinterest can’t recognise what your pin is all about, it won’t rank the pin suitably, and users won’t be able to get it.

I used to save my affiliate pin to a board named Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest, which is actually what the pin is all about. You just have to keep your pin once for Pinterest to display it on search results and users’ smart feeds.

So in this manner, you can place an affiliate pin on Pinterest, by making sure of things like adding a relevant keyword in the title and description that express your pin’s topic.

How to create affiliate pins that get extra clicks

Here’s a way to optimize your Pinterest profile and boards to help affiliate pins, So till now, we have understood some points to get affiliate links and how it works.
Well, upload your affiliate links, and enhance visibility for the forums with affiliate pins on them. To get some extra click that you possess.

Also, you should increase your followers on Pinterest to get extra visits from your afflict link. To do that you can check our complete guide to boost Pinterest followers step by step.

Optimize your Pinterest boards

Before you begin including pins with associate hyperlinks, you have to ensure the forums for your Pinterest profile. Share a branded appearance that represents your commercial Pinterest. You want the general look of your Pinterest presence to inform people what you’re approximately at a glance, without them having to do an excessive amount of studying.

For instance, Courtney with more skills, she is a creator, blogger, entertainer, and food stylist. While you go to her Pinterest presence, it’s smooth to look that she is all about events, amusing, and enjoyable.

Similarly, to be sure you operate a clear description at the pinnacle of your Pinterest profile, you’ll need to give every one of your boards an identity that pertains to something your enterprise or logo gives. Do not forget to apply key phrases to your board titles (and pin descriptions) to show up in Pinterest search.

Subsequent, populate every board with pins that you recognize your target audience might be curious about.

Beyond helping a branded look, this approach will help you build a Pinterest profile that’s equipped to reveal off the great thoughts and guidelines you’ve got to your audience, making you a resource.

Now you’re steady, think about which boards are an intentional suit for pins of your merchandise or merchandise for which you’re an affiliate.

increase exposure of your boards

  • Even as you may take advantage of promoted pins to get extra eyes on the character of affiliate pins, the first-rate alternative for riding traffic to your Pinterest is that you have to associate pins with getting a percentage on your other social systems.
  • For example, you will create a fashion board for the proportion of favourite items from any yearly sale. Deliver your reader a personal awareness to each pin description, telling the readers what you loved about the product. Your notes can bring authenticity and feel to the pin.
  • While your board turned into complete, you can hop over to Facebook to permit your readers to understand the lookbook you created for sale. They might discover all of her favourite products, plus your feedback on the Pinterest board.
  • Keep in mind that it’s critical to promote affiliate associate product links authentically. Chorus from being sales and remember that your primary activity is to help readers or clients find beneficial, inspirational, and exquisite merchandise.
  • Attention on sharing products that make your target audience members’ lives more accessible, and you’ll boom clicks and income on Pinterest.

Different Ways to promote affiliate links on Pinterest

So now you know how to add and boost your clicks for affiliate pins. Here are some steps you can follow to promote affiliate links on Pinterest.

1. Recommend related product in the affiliate

The first step right here is to make sure that your pins are relevant to your target market. Here are a few niches and gadgets that would apply to each other:

  • fitness: heart rate monitor, CrossFit system, exercise at domestic gear
  • outside: trekking system, tents, water bottles, backpacks
  • domestic living: fashionable bar stools, kitchen knives, tv sets
  • dogs: meals, bowls, collars
  • crafts: DIY equipment, craft resources
  • internet advertising: software, marketing tools, courses

You want to provide your audience with things that might assist them. It’s going to help now, not you, to add affiliate hyperlinks to all styles of products. Understand what your target audience desires and provide them with accurate solutions to get it. Bear in mind the target audience.

2. Test your links often and guide them

This will rely on your niche. It is probably an excellent idea to test for how you get the maximum income. You should first check the link directly to the affiliate product from Pinterest and link to an assessment or shopping guide to your Pinterest.

It would be best to have accurate tracking for this approach, but it’s no longer too difficult. The first aspect you’ll want is to have separate links for your Pinterest submission and your buying publications. This isn’t a trouble for amazon associates.

Just say we talk about an affiliate link from amazon.

Once you’re there, you want to click add tracking identity. Amazon adds tracking uniqueness to each affiliate.

Name it something, so you understand that it’s taking place on Pinterest.

Spend the subsequent month or so comparing those monitoring ids. Send a number of your pins instantly to the associate product and different pins to your buying courses or reviews.

Evaluate the consequences after approximately a month and see what’s bringing inside the most conversions for you.

3. Disclose affiliates relations and avoid link cloaking

Almost all associate networks will require which you have a few disclosures to an affiliate relation. That is due to FTC(Federal Trade Commission) requirements for affiliate networks. It would be best if you always revealed those relationships for your pins. Amazon mainly has a selected line you’ve got to mention:

“as an amazon companion, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

That disclosure adjustments, so make sure to test up on amazon companion’s toes.
You’ll additionally have to pass on hyperlink cloaking. Pinterest’s practical use policy makes it clear that your viewers must recognize in which they’re going.
No genius, no bit ly, no quite hyperlinks, nothing. I suppose that amazon’s quick links would be an exception to this. However, I’d stick with the absolute URL hyperlinks simply in case

Best affiliate programs for Pinterest

I analyzed essential audiences on Pinterest by their followers, after which I observed associate packages to fit. What honestly amazed me is becoming the number of niches you can monetize with Pinterest traffic. It’s no longer only for Youtubers or travel bloggers.

Let’s study the good affiliate packages for Pinterest and the first-rate niches on the platform for your blog.
There can be so many affiliate programs in the market. And also, it depends on what niche you are targeting. I listed some of them to let you know about the programs running in the marketplace for affiliate links for Pinterest.

1. Amazon (Everything)

Amazon is only in the list that has affiliate links for almost everything on the site. This is the first choice for an affiliate link.
Amazon does permit their affiliate hyperlinks on Pinterest (hyperlink to Pinterest affiliate marketing post), despite what you may have read some other place.
Keep in mind that 70% of Pinterest users go to this social media platform to make purchase choices.
Amazon is a perfect example of simply this type of logo. If you’re now not specific wherein initially being an amazon associate, make sure to test our ultimate manual at the amazon buddies application.

amazon affiliate program

2. Wayfair (Home Decor)

Interior decorators are constantly searching out new thoughts for their initiatives. That includes each amateur/DIY type and specialist.
Now and again, you want any person else to help get your innovative juices flowing. So what usually happens is that they head over to Pinterest for thought. That is where they’ll find your pins on domestic decorating ideas and similar subjects.
And that takes place to tie in with Wayfair – Wayfair coincidentally being considered one of the most prominent names in this space.

way fair affiliate program

3. Sonos (Tech)

Sonos Is the tech destiny we were promised- tune streamed wirelessly to every room in your private home.
And you can even manage the entire component along with your voice. But how does this knit with affiliate advertising on Pinterest? Because there’s a very active tech machine community there. Round 30 million human beings in general.
And that includes plenty of associates selling the whole thing, from Clickbank tech merchandise to products to be had on amazon.

sonos affiliate program

4. Home chef ( Food and Drinks)

Human beings love taking photographs of their meals and sharing them online. Instagram is typically their first port of call. But Pinterest is a close second.
You’ll find there are tens of heaps of pins masking meal prep, meal plans, and dieting. So that you have an audience interested in ingesting healthy but delicious meals just waiting so that you can introduce them to a supply, like a home chef.
Healthful food brought on your door. Alternatively, the door of your visitor once they’ve clicked for your pin.
So there are lots of categories to tell. But with these examples, you can go and check out by yourself—some of the excellent affiliate links in the marketplace.

home chef affiliate marketing =


Affiliate marketing is a tremendous manner to serve your target market to sell merchandise you consider and use yourself. If carried out carefully, you may accomplish two desires without delay, you could grow your target audience, and you may open a direction for passive profits.
Take a look at the recommendations above on one or two pins this month. As you discover what works quality for you and your fans, attempt extra pins and adjust whenever vital. It will pay to preserve checking out till you find out the great technique in your target audience.

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