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We know most peoples are at home in this situation so they are trying to work from home. If you are looking for an online job or freelancing platform to get started your job as a freelancer then here is the full completed guide for People Per Hour. Simply, this is also a freelancing platform like Fiverr but there is low competition than Fiverr.

But don’t worry if you have a skill or skills and you can provide them correctly and high quality, that’s it. Most people worry about competition but buyers are looking for a quality service for a reasonable price so you don’t need to sell your best service for cheap prices. Where is the quality, the buyers are there. So let’s get started.

What is PeoplePerHour

People Per Hour is a freelancing marketplace connecting independent businesses (known as “Buyers”) with an immense pool of capable freelancers (“Freelancers”) offering each business service you can envision from copywriting to logo design, web development to business organization, or writing articles. So how can we make money from this?

PeoplePerHour is a one-stop virtual network where freelancers and private businesses can connect. With an energetic network of more than 50,000 freelancers across 150 countries available to work at the snap of a catch, it resembles having a virtual, on-request, worldwide labour force good to go.

complete guide of people per hour
source: PeoplePerHour

Who owns People Per Hour?

Xenios Thrasyvoulou

Xenios is the Founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour. He is the leader for the expanding on-request economy, changes to the work market, and entrepreneurship at large.


PeoplePerHour, legally People Per Hour Limited is a UK-based company whose capacity is as an online platform giving businesses access to freelance workers.

How to start earning on PeoplePerHour

Making money on People Per Hour is way easy than other freelancer websites because People Per Hour has a lot of features to contact buyers and even live customer support which is more important to sellers and buyers. Also, there are many ways to earn from People Per hour like hourly, single payments.

1. Sign-Up

Signup for a Seller account on PeoplePerHour.

people per hour complete guide
source: PeoplePerHour

Sellers are freelance workers who need to offer their services to get paid. Individuals every hour has an immense Database of Sellers who belong from everywhere the world and they work at customary premises to finish the activities that Buyers have posted.

Simply you can sign up as a seller by your e-mail address or Facebook account.

2. Building-up profile

Building up a profile implies building your profile much that the Buyers can discover you effectively and extend to you and offer you the opportunity. Presently this isn’t as simple as it sounds.

To build up a profile you have to top it off with all the data that you can accumulate identified with your freelance career. You really need to dazzle the Buyers enough so they feel good about offering you an opportunity. To build your profile you have to Fill in your

  • Profile picture
  • Bio description
  • Your desire categories
  • Previous projects
  • Average selling price

PeoplePerHour has a ranking algorithm set up which positions your profile and the better the rank is, the more possibility that buyers will reach your profile and wind up offering you an opportunity. Presently as you procure various projects, your rank will improve consequently presenting you with more chances.

how to make money on people per hour
source: PeoplePerHour

3. Post Offer

This is so closer to gigs on Fiverr. It’s easy as well, this will work like a Fiverr gig but you can’t see any impressions and clicks or any other analysis of this Offer. Yes, I know that is a disadvantage but however, we hope it will be fixed soon. Let’s create the offer step by step 🙂

make money on people per hour
source: PeoplePerHour

step – 1

In the first step, you have to add the title for your offer. If you are doing logo design then you can add “I can create an eyecatching business logo for you” something like that. The title will display on your offer to recognize what you provide, so make sure to create it eye-catchy.

step – 2

As the second step, Simply you can add how long you need for a project. 1 day, 2 days or more…

step – 3

You can choose the category from the third section. For instance, if you are doing logo designing then you must choose “Graphic Design > Logo Design”

step – 4

In step four, There is a section to add keywords like Fiverr. So add some relative and powerful keywords. For example, in Logo designing, you can add keywords like “Business logo, Company logo, Minimalist logo, Concept logo, etc.” The keywords will help find your offer by searching on the People Per Hour search bar.

step – 5

Use your image, video, audio or any other stuff to show your skills from the offer as the fifth step. If you are using other people’s sources then use copyright-free sources. It will secure your account. Also, if you are a graphic designer then be honest to use your own designs for the offer.

step – 6

In step six, you have to explain the offer. Give your best effort to provide correct details for that section because it will help to attract the buyers easily.

step – 7

The seventh step is related to step six so you need to explain what you are providing in that section and what are the benefits if they get your service. This will help to optimize your offer SEO to rank your offer on People Per Hour.

step – 8

In section eight, there is an additional section to add a few extra offers with the price that you expect to provide. I recommend you to use this section and give extra offers because buyers can make a choice and it will be a good experience for buyers.

Smart Tip: Use the priority delivery and add a fee to provide it quickly.

step – 9

Section nine, write a description in point form to get what you need from a buyer to start the project. For example, if you are a logo designer, you may be asked about “Company or Business Name, Logo Style, etc.”

step – 10

At least you can choose a radio button that you give the service remotely or not. And accept the delivery policy. After clicking the green button you have completed the offer!

4. Propose Directly

PeoplePerHour additionally permits the Sellers to send direct proposals to Buyers on any job that is uploaded. To do that you have to look for your relevant jobs on an everyday schedule and begin sending proposals to the ones you want to finish without any problem. Presently there’s a cutoff to the number of proposals that you can send. You can send just 15 proposals in a month. That implies that you must be extremely cautious about whom you are sending a proposal to. Attempt to pick the most straightforward jobs in the beginning and make incredible proposals to limit the odds of rejection.

people per hour for freelancers
source: PeoplePerHour

After opening the “Search Projects” tab, you can see tons of projects posted by buyers. You can filter out and find more relevant jobs for you as well. The list that shows you; is listed by date and time, so you can see the most recent job projects at the top.

Before you send offers to buyers, you need to know these steps to fill the offer properly to get a higher probability of receiving an order.

source: PeoplePerHour

1. Enter your proposal details

In this step, you have to include all the details about what you are offering. You can include your experience and how it works to get more attention and pretend the reliability. Also, don’t forget to add your portfolio link if you have one.

2. Attachment

It would be more effective if you attached some sample work of yours. So from this button, you can choose sample projects that you have done from your portfolio on PPH and even extra files from your device.

3. Enter Description

In this text box, you should enter a short description that is related to the project. For example, if the buyer asks for a video editing project, you can add “Video Editing” or something like short and clear. It should be easy for buyers to understand.

4. Amount

Here you can enter the price you would charge for the project. It can be a fixed price or an hourly price. But you can only set an amount of a fit price that the buyer has mentioned or less than that. If you add an amount that is more than the buyer’s exception, the proposal will not send, and PPH will notify you that your cost should be less than the buyer’s exception.

5. Total

The section is unable to edit. And it is the same amount that you have entered above. But if the project pays per hour, you will not see this box because the total amount depends on time.

6. You’ll Earn

Also, you can’t edit or type anything on this section. The cost will automatically generate when you add the amount above. The amount you earn is always less than your total amount because the platform charges commission from every sale.

7. Deposit

Deposit is the amount to be paid by the buyer to escrow the first time. For example, if you send a $500 proposal, you can set a deposit like $250. Then the buyer will pay $250 to escrow at the beginning of the project. Also, the recommendation is the same on People Per Hour. They have recommended that it would be great if you put 50% as a deposit.

8. Ask a question

People Per Hour has an interesting feature that allows asking a question from buyers before the order. So from this feature, you can ask something that the buyer has missed to include in his project description. Or anything related to the project.

Here are some tips to use when you propose directly on People Per Hour

  • Find job posts that sent fewer offers
  • Read the buyers requirements carefully
  • Prepare your offer with sample attachments
  • Set an hourly or fixed price that is fair to the job
  • Check all the things again and send

How much does PeoplePerHour charge

VAT Service Fee. For Sellers registered after March 21, 2017, PPH charges a Service Fee of 5% (excl. VAT) on all work charged (earnings), over the first £500 | €600 | $650 acquired in the month which has a 20% (excl. VAT) Service Fee.

people per hour service fee
source: People Per Hour

Is PeoplePerHour Safe

PeoplePerHour is a network built around trust and your security is our #1 concern. A lot of work occurs in the background at PPH to protect the network yet we additionally offer key tools so that you can likewise use the marketplace securely, regardless of whether buying or selling services.

How can you get paid on PeoplePerHour?

People Per Hour pays the sellers through Paypal or Bank Account. To withdraw your income, you need to go to the Payment area and use the Withdraw Funds link. You can decide to withdraw money to either your Paypal or your Bank account. takes 1 working day to process the payment.

people per hour payment methods
source: People Per Hour

Pros and Cons of PeoplePerHour


  • There is an extensive network of businesses and possible clients.
  • It can prompt a high volume of work, both locally and globally.
  • You can choose your own rates as a freelancer, and for buyers, specialists have fixed prices.
  • It is somewhat more secure than autonomous freelancing, as buyers have to deposit into an escrow account.
  • Invoicing is automated.
  • Live chat for customer support
  • You can pick your own work hours as a freelancer.


  • There is a large number of freelancers to contend with.
  • There are less job security and no ensured level of work—it might vary and be flighty.
  • If you want to have competitive pricing, there is less adaptability on specific tasks because many people might be eager to work for less money.
  • Benefits are excluded from freelancers.

Final Verdict

People Per Hour offer you to find a high potential client base for your business. So if you are looking to start freelancing on People Per Hour, I hope this guide will be helpful for beginners. Also, bear in mind all the tricks and tips included from my own experience, so it doesn’t matter if you try new ways to succeed freelancing on People Per Hour. However, let us know if you have any issues with PPH. We will definitely update the guide for your convenience.

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