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So, if you have finally decided to become a freelance writer, then Congrats! But it is essential for you to understand exactly what you are getting into first and how you will be going to become a successful freelancer.

As we can see, due to this covid-19 pandemic, most of the people are staying at their homes and some of them even have lost their jobs. Freelancing work even best suits for the people who like to work for themselves than doing  8 hours of job for any other company. However, this type of person loves to work on flexible hours as per their mood.

Well, if you are planning to jump into the field of freelancing, then this is the best time to start a freelance writing service that will allow you to earn a fair amount of money from home itself.

Nowadays, becoming a freelance writer is a quick and inexpensive way to start earning a handsome of money from home. Generally, if you freelance a skill that you already have, you can simply begin by offering your services today. But you don’t have to worry about lack of experience, there are many opportunities in the global business market that offer beginners to get experience.

So, today I’m going to cover up detailed ideas about freelance writing and how to start doing freelancing work as a freelance writer without experience. Just keep reading this post, and surely you will get the idea of enrolling on this freelancing service.

Who Is A Freelancer?

A freelancer or freelance worker is a self-employed person who gets the money just by offering their services to numerous clients. Their services are associated with their skills and based on that skill; they get the job from several clients who are searching for a similar kind of skill.  

Freelancers are responsible for all types of stuff that regular employees are not, I.e. fixing their work hours, maintaining track of time spent on various projects, billing customers, and paying their assistance and work taxes. And they are not assessed as “employees” by the firms they function for, but instead “contractors.”

What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing represents working as an independent person rather than being employed by someone else. Freelancers are self-employed and always suggested as independent contractors.

Freelancing is done when you utilise your skills, education, and knowledge to work with several customers and take on many tasks without engaging in a single work. The number of jobs or tasks that you can accept just depends on your skill to provide them on time.

Freelancing typically involves jobs called gigs or bids that permit you to work-from-home situations. But don’t connect freelancing with a work-from-home job it possesses its own differences.

Why Would You Want to be a Freelance Writer?

There are multiple reasons to start freelance writing as a part-time or a full-time career option.

  • It can be done side by side with your job; it’s a path to create additional income to pay off debt or save it for a harsh day.
  • It’s reasonable to begin if you already acquire the skills and device to do the work.
  • You can simply begin directly as soon as you get a customer, you can start receiving payment from freelance.
  • It gives you greater freedom over a job.
  • You can polish your hidden talents.
  • You can go to high income.
  • It’s always flexible, giving you to work part-time or during off-business hours.

How To Become A Successful Freelance Writer?

how to become a freelance writer

1. Define Your Goals

Without clearly defined and time-bounded goals, you will be surely going to have an extremely tough time reaching where you wish to go.

  • Is freelancing a way to simply earn additional income on the side of your day job?
  • Do you ultimately need to become a full-time freelancer because of the lifestyle privilege of being your own boss?
  • Or, are you thinking to utilise freelancing as a stepping huddle to ultimately fulfilling a different goal totally?

Aside from everything, what’s your absolute goal is, you have to make it clear. This is something that all of the world’s leading businessmen agree upon when it about creating a successful business.

You must take the time to recognise why you’re thinking of starting a freelance writing business in the first place. Do you want to…

  • Become a freelance writer?
  • How about a freelance designer?
  • Perhaps maybe a freelance developer?

Make sure this outcome is the right move in your succession toward achieving your more significant picture objectives. Then only you will be going to have clarity around where you wish freelancing to take you, can you begin with your shorter-term goals and benchmarks that will help your freelance business become a successful one.

2. Find a Profitable Niche

Let’s assume that you are a content writer by trade, or you have at least been nourishing your skills with school or college magazines in your free time.

No doubt that there are a high number of competitors in your field that will be ready to charge a much lesser price than you, no matter what you do. You must get over with the idea of attempting to compete on rate as a freelancer, right now.

It’s not worth running behind other people to the bottom for work from home jobs on a freelance purpose, mostly when sites are like Fiverr, Upwork or other freelance jobs sites already have endless picks for low-priced freelancers. 

Select a region that genuinely interests you, and concentrate on becoming the best content writer in that limited space, then only you will be going to find the right side hustle niche.

Once you have built your skills to the point that you can surely charge a premium price for, then you are prepared to begin]n your freelance business and look for your profitable clients. As you have made yourself worthwhile within your niche, you will have a platform by which you can broaden your freelance career.

3. Create a High-Quality Portfolio Website

As a beginning point, let us know what’s the objective of creating a portfolio website is, in the first place. It’s always the first impression that a potential customer will have of you, your attitude, your functioning, and the past customers or firms that you have worked for in your freelance business. Also, creating a portfolio website is so easy for freelance writers because even a little blog is enough to represent your skills.

You have to effectively deliver the services that you offer and who they are for. Further that, you have to sell yourself on why you are the perfect person for this kind of work rather than everyone standing in the queue for the same job.

Although your freelance writing portfolio must need to do the following, in order to have effective at selling your services.

  • Express your speciality & show some of the examples of your work.
  • Document your contact data & show off your identity.
  • Bring out your relevant skills, education, and achievements.
  • Show appreciations even if they are from colleagues or past bosses when you are hardly getting started.
  • Have daily updates that indicate your improvement, new customers, and updated sample work.

Note:-  As you are creating your portfolio, find other freelance writers with similar niches and get some idea from them to assist you in understanding that how they are establishing themselves, defining their value propositions, and how they are creating their businesses.

4. Set Strategic Prices for Your Services

Above I have told you a lot about putting the right prices for your freelance writing business before you get started. Well for setting up the cost of your service there are tons of incredible tools out there for cross-checking that you are charging adequately to have the money for the lifestyle you wish to live.

But I suggest you start to specify your pricing technique with a unique progression in mind, not going with any type of tool that most people are utilising. Thus then there will be no difference will be left between you and other

Keep in mind that you have to price yourself depending on the value you provide, not depend on what your opponents are charging. Don’t authorise anyone else to rule the terms by which you determine your worth. That’s not what beginning a freelance writing business is all about.

Most content writers charge a normal and affordable price from businesses but there are some pro freelancers who charge incredible amounts for just writing a few words. Check the below gig I found from Fiverr.

how to become a freelance writer

Yes, she charges $100 per 400 words. It is just amazing inspiration for beginner freelance writers and those who are looking to become freelance writers.

For sure there is no such thing as prices that are too high or too low. But remember don’t charge too higher than your price, but don’t also undervalue what you are performing for your clients.

5. Learn How to Pitch Yourself

To become a freelance writer, you need to understand how to pitch yourself. It’s a support that will be worth its value in money for years to come.

No matter how qualified you are at your skill, if you wish to turn your skills into beginning a freelance writing business, you just have to be competent to convey those strengths and convert your dialogues into paying customers.

You must utilise perfect strategic proposals and tactics that will help you to reach out to your profitable client. For doing this, you need to add a topic on how to find a solution to the problem, which will surely convince them that you are an adequate person for this work.

Although below, I have given some of the basics of crafting a significant freelance proposal that reaches you, customers.

  • Make a great start with an elevator pitch email that usually gives enormous value & indicates you have done your homework for this work correctly.
  • Sell your skills and convey them appropriately.
  • Understand and reply to any questions that may arise.
  • Lean on suitable work samples and past projects to illustrate your skill.
  • Utilise a visually bidding layout for your recommendation.

Pitching your skill is as essential as your first impression, if it gets wrong, then you lose the 60% chance of getting a profitable client. So you must create a lucrative pitch which describes you the best and your work, and also the skill that you will be going to offer them.

How to find Writing Job?

how to become a freelance writer

No doubt that freelancing work can be done from anywhere in the world, also when it comes to freelance writing, it is way easy than ever. There are various freelance sites to get your first work, I.e. Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer. You can even check other freelance writers who are already in the field with a good client base. For example, Fiverr is mainly for writing, designing, assisting, and so many jobs.

Visit the places where your targeted client lies around, so look and inquire around there. The most excellent place to search for a customer is where customers look for help.

It is must understand about your market that what it reads, and where it goes to get support and be available to get help, ideas and aids. Social network, online and offline market is even some of the best place to be considered to get this freelancing job.

Here are some of the top-rated freelancing services that meet a seller with buyers to accomplish each other needs.

Top trending freelance writng job categories in 2021

  • Web content writer
  • Technical writer
  • Business writer
  • Newspaper or periodical writer
  • Instructional (or curriculum) writer
  • Ghostwriter

What are the Benefits of Being a Freelancer in 2022?

  • You can even earn money in this Covid-19 pandemic from home itself.
  • Since you can simply follow your passion.
  • Although you can make your own timing for freelancing work.
  • No doubt, you will always be going to have job security.
  • You will be having total control over your workload.
  • Here you have got incredible freedom to choose your customers.
  • You may even receive more acknowledgement to other customers

Frequently ask questions

what is the best freelancing platform to get started?

There are so many freelancing platforms on the internet so If there is the best one, definitely there is high competition. So choosing a medium platform like People Per Hour will be easy to get started for beginners.

But if you want to become more successful in Freelancing then Fiverr is the best place to start your freelancing journey. However, there is a bit of competition on the platform but as well you will be able to get your first order soon.

How does a freelance writer get paid?

Each freelance writer gets paid depending on their services and how much they charge. Also, if you work on the platform, you have to agree to their terms and conditions and pay extra commission for their service. Yet, you have to use payment getaways that were approved by the platform.

Getting started on a platform is a wise choice than working by yourself. So you don’t have to worry about clients and money. The third-party platform will do all for you. Only you have to do is provide your great service to clients through the platform.

Final Verdict

A freelancer is a person who provides their services for some price and generally with no expectation of a regular single customer, although the working connection can be long lasting. Now you have an idea of how to become a freelancer step by step if you have read this complete guide carefully.

If you wish to become a successful freelancer, you must learn and improve a demanded skill in the market. So you can read our entrepreneur guide to find demanded skills.

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