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Are you wondering how to get your first order on Fiverr? Getting your first order on Fiverr can be tricky for individual sellers. Indeed, this is by all accounts more troublesome than ever with the increasing number of new sellers joining the platform.

However, does that mean you should surrender? No way
What’s more, what you genuinely need to think about how to get your first client on Fiverr is that a similar cycle can be rehashed to discover much more clients in future.

In this case, you may be asking yourself, is it fundamental for sellers to go half a month hanging tight for the first order on Fiverr. Extremely not.

If you follow these tips and tricks correctly, it’s nothing to struggle with for your first order because somebody can get their first order within 24 hours, so the probability of getting an order is very high in these tips and tricks.

How to get first order on Fiverr
source: Fiverr

1. Provide an unique service

There are competitors in any field, and having competitors is essential for new things are being built in the field. So if you can give a unique service that your competitors still do not provide, you are on the point to winning the competition. Competition always depends on competitors and the demand in the field, so when you provide a unique service on Fiverr, you are more likely to get your first order quickly.

If you are a designer, you can provide unique style designs that can stand out among your competitors. Yet, you can choose a low competitive job category by checking how many gigs are available in those categories. Also, if you have chosen a job at the moment, you can enhance your gig with unique descriptions and unique images to get more attention from the buyers.

2. Promote your gig on social media

Social media is the best place to promote anything you need. So sharing your gigs on social media will help get your first order quickly because there are so many business owners looking to hire freelancers. But the complication is that no one can trust you by sharing a link.

In this case, you have to build your own empire. Yes, it is not effective that sharing links here and there. No doubt, you will get many clicks and saves to your gig without any order. The main purpose is here, getting your first order, so Fiverr allows you to share your gig links everywhere but you should know how to do it effectively.

The following steps will help to build awareness of your job.

  • Create business pages on Social media
  • Post your projects on every page
  • Create a portfolio
  • join groups that are related to your niche
  • Contact competitors and ask them to collaborate
  • Build an audience and convert them to buyers

If your job was like data entry or something like that, it might be a little complex to build an audience through it. But you can use a platform like LinkedIn to share your works because the platform is full of employees and employers.

Tip: Getting fake clicks and saves will affect your Fiverr account to get banned suddenly, so learn more about what are the things you should avoid in Fiverr.

3. Start at a low price

Here is one of the best tips that I can give as per my experience to get the first client quickly from Fiverr. As a freelancer, I know that all the sellers struggle to get their first order, but many of them do not prefer to provide their services at low prices. At that time, sellers who desire to get an order in any way will take that benefit.

You may know there are tons of cheap sellers on Fiverr. So all the sellers strive to get their first client or maybe get the first review because the main thing you need is the review. It is not worth it if the client got your service and leaves you without leaving a review. However, you can get the first order with your first client by placing a low price on your gig.

A lot of buyers come to Fiverr for cheap services, so there is a 99% chance to get your order by having a low price. The least price that you can add on Fiverr is $5, but the latest price depends on your service. If you do a complex task like app development, it makes no sense to charge $5 for your gig. So make sure to set a reasonable and cheap price. 

4. Gig Images and Videos

The gig image or video is the buyer’s first impression, so if you can make it eye-catchy and smoothly, the probability of receiving an order increases directly. But unfortunately, sellers do not pay more attention to their gig images or videos. Maybe you made this mistake too.

Having a professional gig image or video is essential to prove that you are a serious seller with more experience in the field. And many sellers use stolen images and videos from other sellers, which cause them to ban their Fiverr accounts. Most likely, it happens in the designing and editing fields. However, make sure to create your own gig images and videos without doing illegal stuff.

Tip: Put a video to your gig with images because those videos get more impressions than images.

5. Excellent Gig Description:

The second impression of the buyer is gig description. Whatever you do, attempt to be extraordinary and straightforward in your gig description. Many sellers have poor grammar or spelling mistakes, which exhibits only carelessness.

Anyway, the ideal approach to make a convincing gig description is by looking at the best sellers on Fiverr. When in doubt, clarify unequivocally what you will do and make an effort not to seem to be ambiguous or problematic in any capacity.

We have already discussed how to write a powerful gig description that is SEO friendly. So it will also help to achieve your target quickly because gig description is not only a description that presents details about your job; it will optimize your gig to rank in the search result on Fiverr.

Having a comprehensive description will help the buyer to clearly understand what you are offering and convince them to place the order.

6. Be active often

Being active on any platform will provide to gain more opportunities from the platform. And it is not hard to be active on Fiverr because there is a mobile application to install and use on your smartphone. Also, many people ask if there need to open the Fiverr app to appear you are online for buyers.

Absolutely not, keeping your phone connected to the internet is totally enough to be active on Fiverr. And make sure to turn on the active button on the app by the in-app setting. You will then see a green dot below your profile picture, indicating that you are online at the time to buyers.

source: Fiverr

The benefit of being online is some urgent clients will search and filter the result by online sellers. So if you were online at the time, you are more likely to receive an order.

7. Send buyer requests

Lastly, the most important thing is the buyer requests to get your first client as a Fiverr freelancer. You have just ten chances to send buyer requests per day, and it is enough for experienced sellers. But as a beginner, many sellers make a big mistake in sending buyer requests. They do not focus on the needs of the client. They can’t catch any client by sending offers for buyer requests.

And some beginner sellers copy a single offer description and send it for every buyer request. It doesn’t make sense, and the buyer will ignore your offer too. So, a careful reading of the buyer’s request allows you to write a better offer description as per the buyer’s requirement. 

Here are some proven tips for creating a product offer description.

  • Call the seller by his name as a friend
  • Include all the experience you have for the project
  • Add extra requirements you need from the buyer
  • Add your portfolio link if you have

Furthermore, be sure to add a price lower than the buyer’s budget in your offer, and send the offers to those who have already received fewer offers. Sometimes you can not see any buyer requests on the buyer request tab. It is a normal thing for beginners, so make sure to refresh and check buyer requests frequently.

Tip: Try to get the skill badges on Fiverr by completing their exams, so it will help enhance your reliability and win the buyers trust.

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  1. Always being active on Fiverr is very effective to get direct order from your gig because some buyers are searching for the gig by filtering the online sellers so you have that amazing opportunity to get your gig to their attention.
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