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Are you still wondering how to get a full refund after ordering on Fiverr? We all know that Fiverr is one of the most competitive freelancing platforms. Due to the competition, some beginner sellers cannot fulfil their jobs perfectly as their skills are a bit off from other competitive freelancers. So then a refund is essential for the client.

Let’s see what the ways you can take a full refund on Fiverr are.

1. Ask the Seller to Cancel the order from his side

The first and most friendly way is to ask the seller to cancel the order by explaining the reasonable cause you want to cancel the order. This method is e a quick process if the seller is always online and happy to help in any case.

But this will go harder if the seller has delivered the project already.

Note: If your job has been done 100%, it will be hard to negotiate with the seller for a full refund as he has given his full effort. It’s always better to get updates frequently on your job from the seller before he completes it 100%.

2. Cancel the Order from your side

You also have an option on your side to cancel the order at any time. But the problem is seller also should be agreed to cancel the order. So the first way is always better if the seller is friendly and patient enough to handle any preasure.

To send a cancellation request from your side, you have to visit the order page first. There you will see the Resolution Center. After clicking that, you will see several action buttons and you must click the “Ask the seller to cancel this order”

get refund from Fiverr

After proceeding, you have to give a reason why you would like to cancel the order.

Then you can send the request with a comment that can see by the seller.

Note: Make sure to use kind words and explain the reasonable cause you want to cancel the order. Otherwise, the seller will not accept the cancellation request.

3. Contact Fiverr Customer Support

The final method you can use is contacting Fiverr customer support and explaining the scenario. This process is the only way if the seller does not agrees to cancel the order and it will take longer than other methods. But you can expect a positive response from CS.

To contact CS, you can visit here

If you are a long-term client on Fiverr, there is a lot of potentials that you can get a full refund from your order. But if you are a new client and if it’s the first order, you will be able to get a half refund.

Furthermore, we have talked about the ways that you can cancel and get a full refund from Fiverr if there is an active order. But contacting Fiverr CS allows you to get a full refund even within 7 days after completing an order over a full reasonable cause.

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