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You may already be a freelancer or someone hoping to become a freelancer at Fiverr, so this one is for you. Everybody knows Fiverr is the most popular platform for freelancers. And there is high competition between freelancers, so they are going through many illegal methods to increase their revenue, get more orders and rank their gigs. Therefore, Fiverr has made tons of rules to limit their illegal activities. Today, if you broke any rule of them, your Fiverr account will probably get banned or disable.

When it comes to the demand of Fiverr, they are always looking to keep their respect and give a better experience for their buyers. That’s why Fiverr doesn’t offer to do anything outside of its guidelines. I have made tons of mistakes in my Fiverr journey without knowing this stuff. So I hope these tips will help you continue your freelancing works without getting banned on Fiverr.

01. Unnecessary profile pictures

If you are a graphic designer, marketing manager, writer, video editor or whatever, you need an attractive and trustworthy profile picture. Some beginner freelancers do not care about the profile picture because there are no policies or violations about the profile picture on Fiverr. You can also be without a profile picture.

Make sure you have a better profile picture that represents your service. It might be a vector portrait, your logo, your actual photo, or any other genuine photo that makes the buyers trust. Buyers are always looking for quality works and especially reliability because fake sellers are everywhere on Fiverr, so if you put an unnecessary profile picture to attract the buyer, you will get reported from genuine and frequent buyers. That way, you will get banned or disable your Fiverr account by getting a lot of reports. 

Note: Do not pretend to be a salesperson without a profile picture. It does not matter for buyers, but if you are a seller, be sure to upload a genuine profile picture.

02. Stealing the gig description from other sellers

Maybe you already know this if you have been on Fiverr for a long time. As a beginner freelance, it might be a little bit annoying to create your own gig description. But gig description is the most essential thing in a gig. So then you can check others descriptions and get an idea about how it works. Please be kind enough to write your description as per your offers and write it your own. And it will be more effective if you write it SEO friendly because then there is a lot of chance to get your gig on the first page. Here we have already taught how to write a SEO friendly Gig Description.

Incorporating your service with your experience will help you win the trust of the buyer and get orders quickly. Do not ever beg for orders in the description. And also, Fiverr not allows to include portfolio links in the gig description so, they will notify you with a warning if you have included links in the gig description.

03. Copy-Paste the buyer requests

Most freelancers are so busy during this year. Yes, that is right but take a little time to read buyer’s requests carefully. Then write your description as per the buyer’s requirements with your relevant gig and send the offer. If you have a portfolio with your previous projects, don’t forget to attach it with the offer.

If you sent the same offer with the same description for every buyer request, buyers will notice you, and most likely they will report you. So there is a little probability to disable or get banned your Fiverr account. As a seller, you should always focus on buyers satisfaction. If you went the wrong path with annoying activities, not only buyers, even Fiverr will take action against you. 

04. Asking for 5-star ratings

All the sellers are like to get 5-star positive feedbacks for their works, there is no doubt, but the only matter is it depends on the buyer satisfaction. Sellers should not focus on reviews and revenue alone, the important thing is your service, so if you focus on your job, others will be positive automatically.

Asking positive reviews will retrieve you a negative result. Always be honest about your job because buyers do not like to see sellers are begging for reviews from them, and even Fiverr can check your chats. If they find someone begging for reviews and feedbacks, they will most likely ban your account for few months. Therefore I always saying satisfy the buyer. 

Note: Never accept orders unless you have the necessary skills to execute orders properly. If you do, it is a big injustice to the buyer.

05. Fake Clicks and Saves

First of all, I need to say I also did this and got negative results Most of the time. I have seen a lot of beginners are sharing the gig to get more clicks and saves. Yes, it works, you are able to get more and more clicks and saves but Fiverr is know all clicks are coming from other sources like Facebook. In my experience, I have checked my gig analysis when I share my gigs on social media groups to get more clicks and saves. I saw all the impressions decreased. The reason is the Fiverr algorithm.

The Clicks analysis when I share the gig on social media

reasons why Fiverr get banned and disabled
source: Fiverr

They automatically decrease your gig impressions when you are getting extra clicks and saves except Fiverr. You can see my gig analysis and get more ideas. My gig impressions had gone down from 500 to 50 in 4 days. Yes, I could not believe it.

The impressions analysis when I share my gig on social media

reasons for Fiverr get banned and disabled
source: Fiverr

However, you can see the impression dots have gone up on Feb 03 – 06 because I got the order and got a 5-star positive review at that time. Yes, it is just like Facebook. If we comment on the old post, it will pop up again, so the algorithm is the same here on Fiverr. When you got positive feedback, then it will pop up and reach more and more buyers. That is the professional way to get more clicks and orders.

06. Log in to an individual device with different Fiverr accounts

The main reason why Fiverr accounts are often disabled is, log in to one device with few seller accounts. Some freelancers are trying to make more money by selling their services from different seller accounts. It does not matter if you create two seller accounts, but make sure you have devices for each. Also, make sure you can afford all in the same way because Fiverr is not allowing inactive sellers.

If you are trying to log in using VPN, please don’t do that. It is a very risky thing to do with your account

And many people asking for is it okay to use the individual internet connection(WiFi) for few Fiverr accounts. In my experience, it doesn’t matter but when you use one internet connection for a few accounts then make sure their accounts have different categories. Fiverr can check their users’ IP addresses, so when if there have few IP addresses in the same LAN, they will decide you are running a few accounts or team. If you use different categories for each account then they can easily decide there is a team.

07. Getting fake reviews

Getting fake reviews is one of the common things that caused Fiverr accounts to be disabled or banned. Many sellers don’t know how Fiverr works. Most beginners are always looking for reviews for getting their gigs up, but the reality is Fiverr detects only genuine reviews.

We know, some sellers create fake accounts and put reviews into their original seller accounts. But the algorithm is cleaver than humans. It will find those fake reviews and genuine reviews separately. So it is hards to rely upon. The only way you have to get reviews is by working hard. There are tons of buyers are waiting for your service on Fiverr, so you can pick up a little chance and grow through it. 

Tip: It is okay to get reviews from a genuine buyer. So if you know anyone, ask him to order and put a positive review. Never create extra accounts for that purpose.

08. Fake gig images

Here is another reason that causes you to banned your Fiverr account. Gig images are an essential part of the gig. If you are a designer, it is even more essential. Also, this frequently occurs on designing field gigs on Fiverr because many sellers haven’t enough skill to represent their talent in the gig image. So, they just steal others gig images and publish them as their own ones.

Many time, Fiverr detects those stolen gig images and ban their accounts immediately. Sometimes, the original owner will report to Fiverr. However, stealing others properties is extremely illegal, and also if you do illegal things, again and again, you will not succeed. So make sure to create your own gig with your own properties.

There you can use video as well, so the rule is the same for videos too. If you upload a stolen video for your gig, you will get the same result that I said above.

09. Posts service as a buyer request

This reason is not an illegal thing on Fiverr, but it might be the sellers’ ignorance. Some beginner sellers post their services in the buyer request section and doing stuff against to Fiverr structure. I have no idea why they are doing it like that, but it will definitely affect their accounts because other sellers will report them after seen their services in the buyer request section.

But you can give a warning or explain how it works to those who post their services in the buyer section because most of them are beginners so, they may not know how it works. However, if Fiverr detect that, those accounts will despair without warning.

10. Message with other sellers annoyingly

The next reason is why the Fiverr account gets disabled is sending unnecessary messages to other sellers. It is okay to communicate with each seller. But if it bothers someone, the victim will take action against the seller. Even some sellers are dating female sellers in Fiverr chat. Sounds crazy, right?

You can see that your account can be protected by not sending unwanted messages to other sellers. So if you need to know something about Fiverr then ask someone you know. Never send unnecessary messages to sellers because Fiverr also can see messages.

11. Request payments out of Fiverr

Today Fiverr has a 2million+ seller base and 3million+ buyers. So they have a huge responsibility to protect their money and personal details because Fiverr is working as a third-party person. However, they take a 20% commission from every sale. For example, if you sell a $5 service, you will receive only $4 for the job.

Many sellers do not like the commission rate that Fiverr takes. But it is essential to maintain their business and provide good quality features to grow other businesses through Fiverr. However, some sellers request their buyers to pay through PayPal or any other way except Fiverr. But there has benefits as well as disadvantages.

Benefits that you can take such as you can be commission-free, Fast transaction, Also, the buyer saves his money, but the only disadvantage is high risk. The commission is for that risk. Fiverr also check your conversation if there have any email or phone number exchange. If they find something illegal in Fiverr, they will send you a warning or most likely ban your Fiverr account for few months. Even you can see this warning if we type @ in the chatbox.

My Fiverr ban accounts immediately without reason

12. Get TOS warning beyond the limit

The last reason why your Fiverr account gets permanently disabled is TOS violation. TOS mean Terms of Service, but you will also be banned if you work against Fiverr community standards. Fiverr has made progress, giving sellers the opportunity to level up and giving them points for avoiding TOS infringement warnings within 30 days. That means you are not able to level up if you got a TOS warning from Fiverr. 

Also, you should read Fiverr terms of service as a beginner because many beginner sellers get banned or disabled their seller account within a few months without having read of any TOS violations. Not only this happens to beginners even some professionals also do not care about TOS.

If you got any TOS violation warning, do not worry about it Fiverr will let you know the reason. After fixing it, you can ask Fiverr to review it again on agree to their terms of service.

13. Getting caught in a Scam

There are many scams in Fiverr due to the competition of the freelancing industry. Possibility of getting banned your Fiverr account by a scam is very high. So always be careful of every buyer that reach you in the platform.

Here are some tips to secure your account;

  • Use a strong password
  • Keep your important files in backup
  • Always keep your virus guard up to date
  • Don’t open any suspicious file or document
  • Do not provide your sensitive information for your clients
  • Be careful of opening links

Note: Scammers use many different methods to steal your account or ban your account from Fiverr. Also, some critical attacks will affect your account to get permanently disabled. So make sure to check our previous article where we have discussed the scams in depth information from here.

How to Recover a Disabled Fiverr Account?

First of all, I would say that some of the above reasons seriously affect the account to get permanently disabled, which cannot get recovered forever. Something like “Request payments out of Fiverr” will directly cause permanently disable your account.

If your account has temperory disabled, you can simpaly reach the Fiverr customer support to ask why they have dissabled your account and how can you recover it. They usualy inform the reason via email once your account get disabled. So it’s always better to check the email before contacting the CS.

After creating a Support Ticket, you will get a response from a Fiverr CS with in 12 hours. They will review your account and inform you what the reasons and how to fix or what you have to do next. It’s that Simple!

Here is a screenshot once I recovered my Fiverr seller account with in 3 days.

fiverr account temporary disabled

But patience is the most important thing when you face something like this. Maybe it could be taken upto few months.

Should I create a new Fiverr Account if I get permanently disabled?

It depends on various factors. Such as, your interest on it, your dedication, passion and more. If you are a full time freelancer, your account will not get disabled or banned as you have a lot of experience. Most likely new sellers are facing this situation consistently as they don’t have experience and knowledge about the TOS.

So to create a new Fiverr account, you have to delete your current account and leave all the email addresses and payment getaways away to get started with a new account. You cannot use the same email address you used previously for your banned Fiverr account.

Once you create new email address and payment gateway, you are able to make a new account by giving a new username. To avoid illegal actions, you can follow our A-Z full guide that teaches How to get started on Fiverr.


As usual, I have shared my own experience with you. So hope you get some valuable information, and some of those are the main problems for many freelancers. If you have any questions else, please feel free to leave a comment below, I’ll reach you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to read all the facts that course to get banned your Fiverr account because every point is very important for any level of freelancer.

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  1. Why is account blockage too much within the month of August to this present moment.

  2. Thanks for the advice I really like all this and I really gained from it but I want to ask one question I lost my fiverr gmail account and I don’t know the password of the email so what I want to ask is that my Tos was in 30/30 but I just discover that my TOS is reading every single day
    So I don’t know maybe I did something wrong please let me here from you because I really want to know what caused it

  3. I have many accounts that has been disabled,I have only one PC and one phone I just use to login on my pc and phone.
    Now I want to create a new account,I have to create a new user on my PC,and how to do it so that I will be block because I use my phone to login 24 hours a day

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  5. Nabeel Zuberu Reply

    Hi, there
    I have been working on Fiverr since 2012 and I think you list some of the most important things that can get your account a Warning or a straight Ban.
    However, I think the most important thing we should consider is, The Copyright Strike, for creative field people, like Animators / Logo designers / Poster makers etc.

    If you copy the content from another website and your buyer finds out he can add a ticket to CS, you’ll never get your account back.

    Have fun 🙂
    Stay safe


  6. Sunday igwe Reply

    You have really tried, am a new seller in Fiverr, but my account was disabled on the day I created it, and their reason was TOS violetion.
    I don’t know what it means, please help me and explain it in a learn man understanding 🙏🙏🙏

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  8. Isaiah goodnews Reply

    my account was disable for 3months will it be given back to me

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