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Becoming a millionaire is a dream of many entrepreneurs, and also many people work hard for their dreams to achieve what they want. Many people give up when they are tired, and some people never give up until they succeed. However, the truth is everyone trying, but only a few win.

So let’s see why. First of all, you should build your attitude and good discipline to become a millionaire. There is no doubt anyone can become rich, but it depends on his attitude. Not only attitude, but we also can list more things that should know for someone who aspires to be a successful millionaire in the future.

Also, getting more financial knowledge will help to sustain on the rich level without falling down. Many people argue that education is not required to be successful, but the film scenes do not fit the real world.

If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability

Henry Ford (Founder of the Ford Motor Company)

Once you have significant knowledge of finance, your next step is to choose your path for your journey.

main paths to become a millionaire

Why should you choose a path to become a millionaire?

Millionaires have unique paths that lead to becoming millionaires. But you may have seen some billionaires have many income streams depend on a variety of industries. For example, Elon Musk. He owns five companies belong to eight different industries. Such as,

  1. Automotive
  2. Aerospace
  3. Telecommunication
  4. Energy
  5. Transportation
  6. Infrastructure/Tunneling
  7. Artificial Intelligent
  8. Healthcare

Sounds incredible, right? If someone still says knowledge is not worth it, you can show Elon Musk with his industries to silence their mouths.

However, starting this journey with a number of industries at once is a risky endeavour because it’s affected by poverty, knowledge and more. That’s why we attend to explain the main path that you can become a millionaire within few years. It is ineffective that you begin without choosing a path that is comfortable for you.

Before you get started on the paths that you choose, you should mainly have;

  • A single objective
  • Capital as required
  • Understanding of the field
  • Patience and determination

So if you have these things, you can jump to the segment that explains the main three paths or industries to become a millionaire.

Sell products or services

Everyone knows that selling a product or service can make a lot of money, but the truth is that there are only a few millionaires out of tons of traders. Also, it is very usual and able to do anyone. Then why everyone cannot become a millionaire by selling products or services? Let’s expand further.

Producing a product or service is not easy as it sounds, and if it’s an invention, then the situation will be way hard than before. Due to the growth of the business world today, many innovations and imitations are being released to the market. Some of them become successful products or services, and most of them fail.

The reason is lack of productivity.

In simple form, productivity refers to the ratio between input and output. The output should always be higher than the input. If not, the business will get losses. Lack of productivity is also the root cause of many business failures. If we sink into its interior rather than from the outside, there are many tasks. Such as;

  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Selling

And more. To become a millionaire in this path, you have to balance them properly with great productivity. But bear in mind, having only these things is not enough to succeed in your business. The important thing is what you produce.

A product or service means a solution for a specific problem, for example, AmazonJeff Bezos thought the goods would be delivered to buyers’ homes with an online order without bothering to buy goods from here on out.

How to become a millionaire by selling product or service

To become a millionaire from this path, you should know what the world needs. It means people have problems and needs, so they often looking for a solution for them. At that time, you have an opportunity to fix the problem or build a solution for them. You may know business is all about solving peoples problems at a profit. 

Your product or service should be unique and effective because it’s more competitive to become a good business if you build another copy from an existing business. For example, there are many car brands in the world today, and it’s hard to make a choice. Also, they frequently improve their technologies to provide a good quality experience from their products for their buyers. But there is a higher competition between them because the technologies, service, even car structures of each brand are the same.

But when it comes to car models like Tesla, the state is more different than before because electric cars are less in the market. Also, there are tons of benefits to electric cars, so people tend to buy them without any marketing, and there is less competition with high demand. We can come to a conclusion that a unique product or service will always get the place of the market.

So to become a millionaire on this path, you have to follow these things.

  • Find a better solution for a common problem
  • Improve your productivity and build the solution
  • Give specific value to buy or use for your clients
  • Set a reasonable price 
  • Market to target customers
  • Improve the product quality and grow

The more you give, the more you receive, so you should be patient but don’t miss any opportunity that you can get from your life.

Build a media network

This path is very similar to a business, but you can see the difference between business and this by reading this section. Media is a way to communicate and share data with a substantial audience. It means it can share good or bad things without any policies. But when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are good policies to control the community, and they are responsible for every data share on the platforms.

Then what is the difference between media networks and businesses?

The businesses’ revenue comes from sales that they have done, and media networks earn by promoting products and services businesses want to sell. 

For example, many social media and television channels earn through advertising, also they have given the opportunity for users to create content and earn through them by monetizing their content. So today, we can see many YouTubers, Influencers, bloggers and many more content creators sharing their content to make money. The best way to become a millionaire is to build your own audience from existing social media platforms and monetizing your content.

If anyone is thinking of creating a new social media platform, it is a very difficult and bitter idea with the modern media competition. But if you can take the challenge, it’s okay to create another platform.

How to become a millionaire by building a media network

Building a brand new brand is not easy and not able to complete within few months. However, if you focus on the interest of the audience, you can build a trending app and become a success through it as you never expect. But if you make another copy, it becomes worse.

For example, if a person recreates an app similar to Facebook, it is useless because he has to spend more than Facebook did to create their app, and it takes a lot of time to bring it to a stable level. 

Also, if you can create a product or service that haven’t been released to the market yet or is not popular, you will reach the million from your business within a short time. The best instant is Tiktok. Such a simple short video creator app became one of the popular social media platforms. The reason is that feature hasn’t any other popular platform until TikTok was released. Even Facebook and YouTube recently introduced their short video feature.

So if you follow these steps correctly, you can be a success on this path,

  • Find the peoples interest
  • Provide the better user experience
  • Add unique and incredible features
  • Use artificial intelligence
  • Make a reason to use your platform

The hardest part is getting members involved, so there are so many strategies to do that you can learn them step by step after creating the platform.

Become an investor

There are millions and millions of businesses out of the world, so they need more money to develop their businesses and move on. That’s why investments are essential. In simple form, investment is money or assets allocated with the expectation of future income. There are two ways to invest;

  1. Invest for yourself
  2. Invest for others

As the first way, you can invest for yourself to make money in the future. For example, if you want to start a business, you have to invest in it as it does not make millions from the beginning. Also, if the investment was excellent, you will receive more income than you expect from your simple investment.

As the second way, you can invest for other businesses to grow. For example, you can invest in the share market and get profit monthly or quarterly. So in that way, you have to do nothing to make money from your investment, and all the income is passive income.

A good investment will increase your future income to millions, and a bad investment will fall you to zero. That’s why most people are afraid to invest, but the huge benefits are always hidden on investments. So let’s see how to become a success by investing.

How to become a millionaire by investing

As we said earlier, investing is a risky decision that you can take for your future success. But you can reduce the risk by knowing what you are doing and studying the procedures of other investors. So there is always a risk due to your ignorance and hasty decisions.

Once the great investor Warren Buffet said that;

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you will earn.

Warren Buffet

In the beginning, we have discussed how knowledge is essential to become a success, so Warren Buffet also didn’t forget that. However, there are so many things that affect successful investment. We can list them as tips to make a good investment,

  • Understand the process and your purpose
  • Remember to allocate emergency funds
  • Choose an investment that suits your risk
  • Set up a plan with investing goals
  • Define your investing budget
  • Reduce fees and fund expenses
  • Get more experience and knowledge
  • Invest more and earn more

But this path will take a long time to make you a millionaire. Once Jeff Bezos asked Warren Buffet,

Warren, your investing strategy is so simple. Why doesn’t everyone just copy you?

Jeff Bezos

Warren Buffet replied,

Because nobody wants to get rich slow.

Warren Buffet

So if you want to become a millionaire before 30, start your journey today and give time to grow because time can strengthen your path to become a millionaire.

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