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Upwork is one of the best freelancing platforms like Fiverr, PPH. It has made life easy for people to earn as much as they want by enhancing their skills and providing top-notch services. A profile on Upwork with positive reviews can help you grow beyond your expectations. Anyone can make money on Upwork by selling their abilities, skills, and services. But as a beginner, everyone looking for easy jobs on Upwork to get reviews and make their awareness in the platform.

The amount of earning might depend on the type of your skill, a few jobs are low-paying jobs, whereas many others are high-paying jobs. Beginners have to prove themselves by keeping their rates lower at the start, but they can increase the rates as they grow and broaden their experience.

Becoming a freelancer is not easy as it seems, but not impossible. He has to offer their skills and prove their abilities with higher ranks and 5star reviews to be well-paid. So, let’s explore the legit and easy jobs on Upwork for freelancers. Here are 10 easy jobs available on Upwork.

easy and legit jobs on upwork

1. Grunt Work

The category is broad for those who want to explore it, but the jobs are pretty easygoing. There are many clients who have no time to do their work or have no patience to perform on their own, so they hire people on Upwork and other freelancing apps and pay them to get their job done on time.

In this gig, around 60 small and medium freelance bloggers are required and put the intro into a spreadsheet. Also, one can post pre-published articles for a newsletter that is included in this gig, but this is another easy job.

This job is pretty competitive, and for beginners, it is necessary to keep their rates lower at the start, like $10-$15, etc. You want to grow, so of course, you have to struggle too and take growing pains as well, so once you prove your skills on Upwork, you will eventually become the highest-paid freelancer selling their gigs by Grunt Work.

2. Content Writing

Content writing is one of the broadest spectra in freelancing work like blogs, articles, and writing work takes time, and clients don’t have time to write themselves and need trusted content writers with accurate budgets and are highly skilled. So if you can play with words and have a great vocabulary, a content writing job on Upwork can help you a lot to make money. 

People start writing themselves but have no idea about SEO and other important tools regarding content, so they end up hiring professional content writers. Therefore, they opt for Upwork to find content writers, and most of them want long-term and reliable writers. It’s a great opportunity for a freelancer to create a portfolio of their writing pieces and make a gig.

You can also choose a specific niche like medical, economic, finance, lifestyle or many others to write a particular type of article and blog. But you can also keep it general if you have the skills to write in variety.

 In the beginning, keep your rates lower, and you can gradually increase once you become a pro as a seller. Usually, the word count is from 500 to 2000, and you can make money accordingly. Ensure your skills and get 5-star reviews to be more worthy as a seller

3. Transcription Gigs

Transcription gigs include writing out the conversation in audio files. These jobs fall under legal, medical, and general transcription. A lot of practice is required to make the work refined. The skilled person will convert the audio or narration into a written piece of work. And these jobs are a little lower-paying than others.

Even software is available to enhance your skills by proofreading. You can easily remove all the errors from the writing piece by using those apps. So, if you can type well and fast and good at international language, then this job is waiting for you on Upwork. It’s one of the easiest and legit jobs available on Upwork.

4. Location-based jobs

One can choose a location-based option to lower their competition into the arsenal as Upwork is a pretty competitive marketplace.

For instance, if a person needs a photographer in a specific place and you are really good at it, and you have made your gig location-based, he might approach you by searching with a specific location (that you have mentioned). You can make a good amount of money that way.

If you are lucky enough to get that job, keep in mind that it is one of the easiest tasks to do by adding location-based searches to reduce the competition in the pool of Upwork.

5. Data entry

Competitive research and data entry has become one of the easiest and legit jobs available on Upwork for freelancers. One exceptional advantage is it’s a high-paid job. You can search for a particular niche to ensure the smooth processing of a large amount of data and information.

It’s based on the demand of the client, whether he wants you to enter the data in the computer system or secure files or opt for other clerical activities. There are many data entry jobs, but for pros, it’s a high-paying and easy job. It’s pretty competitive on Upwork.

6. Voice recordings

Voice recording is one of the easy jobs on Upwork as many companies need voice recorders, and they search cheap rated voice recorders on Upwork. If you have the confidence to speak smoothly and express the idea of the writing piece of work, you can make many companies as your clients.

Voice-over professionals speak the script to present the idea and message (based on the preferences of the client) and save, edit through different software before sending the final work to the client. It’s a low-paid job in the beginning, but with the passage of time, one can make as much money as he wants to while being a professional voice-over.

Isn’t it amazing and enthralling to make money just by using your voice and confidence as a talent? Then what are you waiting for to earn on Upwork? Because this is one of the most legit and easy jobs for freelancers.

7. Native language jobs

If you speak Italian, German, French, or a language other than the international language, it will become your plus point to make money as a freelancer on Upwork. You can lower the competition rate and add additional skills because of your native language. It’s because there are many people who know how to do work in English, but not all of them can do tasks in German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, etc.

You can search for the languages you are well-aware of on Upwork in the search bar and find the relative work in another language. You can perform typing tasks in your specific language and make money.

8. Website and app testing jobs

The testing website has become usual for many companies as before launching, they want to see the professionalism of their website and get a good experience. It’s kind of a quality assurance job where freelancers monitor websites and check whether the websites possess programming skills, detail-oriented, possess programming skills or not.

These kinds of freelancers commit to accuracy and have no chance of error in their work. It sounds challenging, yet it’s an easy job for a skilful person who provides detailed documentation, knows how to check in often, and most importantly they assume nothing but test and test things. One of the main focuses of website testers is they have to provide reliable and honest feedback.

9. Amazon FBA specialist jobs

Amazon FBA specialists were not so common before, but now since things have been shifted more to the online resources, FBA specialists make a decent amount of money on Upwork and other platforms. They basically create and manage the listing for amazon optimization, including paid campaigns.

They have to monitor and analyze and present the report of the account to show its proceeding. The report contains a competitive listing, top-notch keywords, and performance metrics with pricing. It is one of the highest paying jobs even in the starting. Because not everyone is a professional to handle all of this and expert Amazon FBA.

If you are already skilled, this is the most appropriate job available on Upwork for you, and if you don’t know what to do, there are many courses out there to make you an Amazon FBA specialist. It’s a technical yet easy yet decent-paid job for worthy people.

10. Logo designing jobs

There are many logo designers who sell their services by designing unique and distinctive logos for companies or individual clients. They have to target the business quality, product, market, and mission to analyze the most appropriate logo design.

Usually, logo designers craft a portfolio to present the quality of their services for their clients. Firstly, they evaluate the brand of the client, analyze the industry, and create drafts in vector software and after providing quality services on Upwork, they get a 5-star rating and positive feedback with decent money.

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