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Traffic is the lifeline of any online business or blog. Are you struggling with getting traffic to your blog? If you don’t have the capital, I have a solution for you. The methods I am going to tell you are tried and tested not only by myself but even the renowned experts have explained the advantages of using these methods which are free of cost. To boost your organic traffic on your blog, you must have a potential knowledge about the traffic sources and marketing. Here we will discuss A-Z

Why you should need the traffic?

Traffic is more important if you running a business blog because your customers will increase in proportion to your traffic. Also, there are so many benefits when you getting free traffic to your blog. People post their blog posts, articles every day. It’s 4million+ blog posts per day according to the Worldometers. So you can get an idea about how competitive it is. However, all their traffic depends on the quality of their blog posts. So you shouldn’t worry about the competition, you should worry about your content. Content quality is the best part of marketing and it gives you a brilliant value for your business as well. However, getting traffic by content is important because,

  • You can make a large revenue with monetization
  • You can make more from affiliate marketing
  • You can sell your products or services fast
  • You can build your customer base or reader base
  • You can boost your brand awareness

Okay, Let’s see how to get more traffic to your content from other sources. I hope these 10 easy ways to get free traffic are useful for your business or blog.

1. Share your blogs on Social Media

Social media has seen some rapid growth in the past few years; it’s widely available even in the remotest of places. It’s that one place where you can engage with people all around the globe without spending a penny. If you are dwelled on getting traffic to your blog without incurring any costs, social media is the platform for you.

After you have published the blog, you should immediately start promoting that post on social media. When you share that post on each social media platform, you will start to gather a certain number of clicks for each share. The return of this minimal effort will boost up the traffic to your blog and this is the number one method that most of the bloggers are using these days including myself to get free traffic, straightaway.

In today you can use tons of social media platforms to share your blog or business because by now it has progressed rapidly. If you use some popular platforms to share those it will be great.

For example :

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit

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Share posts on social media to get more reach and traffic to your blog
source: Facebook

2. Write guest posts for other’s blogs

Writing guest posts for other blogs is one of the best online marketing strategies to drive traffic to your blog. A guest post is an article written and posted on someone else’s blog or website. Its yield depends on the score of the domain that you post guest posts.

Guest posting helps you increase the traffic to your blog and helps spread your content’s message. It gets you instant exposure to the targeted traffic. If your post is of top-notch quality, the traffic will start flowing towards your site instantly. But many brands use this tactic to spread their awareness to a massive audience by posting guest posts on high authority domains. And some bloggers use this to get backlinks to their blogs.

Getting backlinks by guest posts is a powerful method to increase your blog or website domain authority and rank. So what are should you care about the other blog or website that you post guest post before you start guest blogging?

  • Make sure the other site have relevant content as your niche
  • It should have a good domain authority score
  • Make sure the site have frequent traffic
  • The target audience for the niche
  • Make sure no spammed on the site

However, you can hire a freelancer or do it yourself. Also, there are some free guest posts available on the internet. Simply, you can search and find some quality guest posting sites that are relevant to your niche.

3. Share your blogs on Quora

People are always looking for solutions to their problems. So the Quora is the best platform to find people who have problems and solve them with our content. There all users are looking for the best solutions to their questions, in that case, you can create a detailed article and give the link to them so then they will come to your blog and read the solution.

If your content impressed the user, he would recommend it to others who have the same problem. So that way, you can drive a lot of free traffic to your blog without much effort. In addition, you can get more creative ideas from Quora because there are so many questions that post by users, so the question is an opportunity.

Share on quora
source: Quora

4. Do keyword research

Keywords are another primary component of SEO. Also, it will help double your organic traffic by ranking on search engines. In simple form, keywords are words and phrases that people type on their search engine to find what they need. For example, if someone was looking for a headset, he might search something like “best headsets in 2021″ in the search engine. 

You can see some of the words and numbers in the phrase he typed. But it is even a keyword because I already said that words and phrases are the keywords. Yes, there are numbers, but we can also take it as a keyword because it represents a year. However, to find the right keywords, you have to use keyword researcher.

There are so many keyword research platforms are available today. But unfortunately, most of them are paid services. We know you have come to this article to find free ways to get traffic to your website or blog so, here are some free keyword research tools available on the web.

When you type the main keyword on the research tool, then you can find tons of related keywords to your niche. Also, you can check how competitive those keywords are one by one. You cannot get more features from free keyword research tools but free ones enough for beginners.

5. Write quality content for engaging

Anyone can write something and publish it online, but it does not get any recognition because viewers may not be impressed by the quality of content one has written. You should be able to serve your customer base with your writing. If your content is well-written, perfectly structured, and conveys the right message, the viewers may share it with their friends/family, etc.

So you can drive substantial traffic to your blog by creating valuable and attractive content. Here are some tips for write quality blog posts

  • Invest some time to research
  • Write it for users, not for yourself
  • Make sure it is readable
  • Focus the users’ needs

Furthermore, adding some infographics and videos to your content will help improve the content quality and users better understand.

Most of the time, even Goole ranks your blog post on the first page if you have comprehensive content because they also need to keep their demand by providing valuable content for their users. That’s why all the search engines give the best and quality top results on the first page for your every question. 

6. Use additional publishing platforms

I don’t just limit myself to publishing on one single platform, ‘diversify and expand’ that’s my strategy. Through this, you will gain more views and attract more traffic to your site or blog completely free. The online publishing platforms are uncountable but you should do proper research and find out the best among them. I have narrowed down the top 6 publishing platforms which cater to the different needs of the customer. You should choose the ones that fit your needs and are related to your field. They are:

These all have characteristics that differentiate them from one another.

7. Article Republishing

As a blogger, I know creating new content takes a lot of time specifically if it’s high-quality content. You have to carefully phrase your sentences and think about what you are trying to convey. It can take hours but even then it might not get the desired effect on the viewers. There’s an 80/20 rule, that can be applied to blogging as well. This means that 20 per cent of your articles will attract 80% of the traffic coming to your site.

So look for the articles that generate the most traffic and don’t hesitate to post them again; but not without updating them.  The backlinks for that article should be in working condition (as you do not want to lose the traffic) and you should never change the URL or otherwise, it will be like writing a brand new article.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing has helped me significantly increase the traffic to my website. If you aren’t utilizing email marketing, should you? The answer is yes. It is one of the marketing channels that delivers the highest return on investment. It is used globally to increase traffic flow towards your site and thus to your blog. You can reach an already engaged audience and use different email marketing software to reach a broader audience or you can use email marketing platforms that are pretty basic and easy to use for beginners. Through them, you can quickly create stunning campaigns to target your audience.

9. Share your blog in related websites/blogs

I share my blogs on websites that are relevant to the content of my writings. This way I can catch the attention of the viewers and use backlinks to attract them to my site. Posting it on other websites or blogs is just going to increase your free traffic but unfortunately, only the blog or site owner has all rights to accept your post or comment.

However, make sure to post relevant posts on their websites. And don’t do that frequently because it will be annoying for anyone. So first appreciate others content and attach your link with saying “There you can get more info” or something like that.

Avoid from spamming

10. Increase user experience with clean UI

Here is another way to get free traffic to your blog. User experience is a vital criterion in web development, and it will affect your traffic as well. Also, having a clean user interface will offer the best experience for your users.

If you use WordPress, there are many plugins available to maintain your website user experience and interface. For example;

Using any of these plugins will help you get massive traffic by offering a better and better user experience on your blog site. Also, the user experience will affect your Google rank as well. Google checks if their websites have great navigations to jump between content in the website.

Tips for creating a better UI

  • Choose a mobile-friendly theme
  • Choose a theme colour
  • Select a user-friendly typography
  • Put a good navigation
  • Add padding as appropriate

11. Increase website speed

The other way to get more traffic to your blog is by increasing your blog or website speed. Users are always looking for quick answers to their questions, and they move quickly. So there is less chance to catch users in this situation, but if you speed up your loading time, they can reach your content quickly and engage with them.

To speed up your website or blog, you have to use a plugin. One or more, it depends on your needs. But you may know the 90% of users come from mobile devices, so you should give more attention to that. Themes will provide a pretty UI from the outside, but it’s worse inside. Many web themes are not mobile-friendly and haven’t enough speed to rank your website on google. So here are some best plugins to speed up your website.

You can use any plugin that has substantial reviews and more downloads. However, installing more plugins will slow down your website, so remember to uninstall unnecessary plugins that you don’t use currently. Here are some tips to speed up your website or your blog;

  • Minify Javascript and CSS
  • Disable animations
  • Optimize images
  • Use lazy loader
  • Use AMP(accelerate mobile page)

After repairing your website, check the site speed from Google page speed. They will give you suggestions for improving more things if the site hasn’t got enough speed yet.

12. Use exciting headlines

We should take traffic from users for their purposes so it wouldn’t be fake traffic. So, you have to focus on their needs to get genuine users to your website.

For example, if someone searching on their search engine “How to make a cake?” Then a few results appear on the first page. So if he found a headline like “7 steps to make your sweet cake within 20 minutes.” He will definitely click and go through it because of the headline.

Getting users excited and interested is the best way to capture more users and get more traffic to your blog or website. In simple form, if there was a headline like “Let’s make a cake from home.” Then the user will never click it, and he will not even pay attention to it because things are so common, all are know how to make cakes from home. People are looking for comfort things such as 7steps and within 20 minutes.

Here are some headline checker tools to get an idea of effective headlines,

You can get tons of organic traffic by using this strategy for your blog post headlines. No plugins are needed. Just only text. Creativity will boost your traffic.

13. Organize Conferences  to drive free traffic

One of the best ways to get free traffic to your website or blog is by organizing a conference to introduce your website to potential customers or users. This way is more effective than sharing your website link here and there because you can pick the target customers or users for your purpose in this way.

Often free traffic doesn’t come all at once. But at the conference, you can request the audience to search for your product or service through the website. So you will get massive traffic to your website in one moment. At that time, you have an opportunity to collect their emails to your email list by requesting to subscribe to your newsletter.

For sure, you will never miss that opportunity. However, you have to get the responsibility of maintaining a constant presence of all users.

14. Put internal links on your blog posts.

If you want to get free traffic for a long time, you should try this asap. Internal links are links that link to other posts or pages on your site. The reason for using internal links is that it affects more conversation and keeps users long time.

For example, when you write a blog post about social media marketing, and if you have a blog post already about Facebook marketing, you can link it into a social media marketing blog post. So users can read more by going through the internal link.

The more internal links you put, the more clicks and conversions you get. So make sure to add related internal links to all blog posts because it helps users get more information.

15. Build quality backlinks

Backlinks are one of the main components of SEO. A backlink refers to a link that you get from other websites to your blog or website. In this way, you can double your organic traffic to your website or blog by building more and more backlinks. But the only problem is it’s hard to build quality backlinks soon.

You can buy backlinks from many platforms like Fiverr, but it wouldn’t be worth it because most of them are not quality do-follow backlinks, and search engines also don’t care about paid backlinks. So how to get quality do-follow backlinks to your site for free? 

Here are some best tips to gain quality backlinks for free,

  • Spy on your competitors
  • Use the broken link building strategy
  • Create infographics for more backlinks
  • Try to regain missing backlinks

And if you gather more backlinks, the website traffic will boost up as you never expected before because backlinks are connected all over the web. And many people think that backlinks are enough to rank the website in search engines, but the truth is building backlinks is a little bit part of the SEO, so you can’t get ranked on search engines by building backlinks alone.

16. Host giveaways on social media

Here is one of the effective marketing strategies to drive more free traffic to your blog. Conducting giveaways will help you get more traffic without much effort because all the users and customers usually like to get some services or materials free. Also, giveaways help build your email list fast.

For example, let’s imagine you have a blog that’s related to beauty stuff. And you need to get traffic to your blog without more money. So you can conduct a perfume or any other beauty item giveaway. Your audience will really appreciate it and join with your giveaway to win those items. Such a simple way!

Not just items, but it might also be a service. You can offer some guides or infographics packs etc. After the giveaway, you will get massive traffic with tons of emails. So you can jump to another giveaway or do email marketing with that collected email list.

17. Connect with other industry experts 

Every industry has experts, so in the blogging industry, there are many experts for each niche. Many people write and publish their content on the web through their own blog sites as a part-time job, so it might be a little bit hard to find a professional and experienced blogger.

But it’s not too much hard. You can find your competitors and connect with them. The best way to connect is through the comment section. And if you are using WordPress, you may receive tons of spam comments to your blog, so don’t be like that. Be calm and try to win his trust.

Today, many businesses have connected like this. For example, Payoneer, one of the best money transfer methods, and eBay, one of the largest e-commerce platforms, was connected recently. Because after connecting businesses together, it becomes powerful than it was before. 

So when you connect with some experts, you can take their ideas and experiences and build your own blog far better than was before. Also, you can get some traffic from them to your blog by creating backlinks, so there are many opportunities and benefits to take from experts.

18. Translate your blog posts to other languages

It will be a bit hard and maybe it will cost too much, but it’s worth it. I add this because some bloggers have the ability to write in two or more languages, so this method is for them to get free traffic to their blog. And if you haven’t enough skill to write in more languages, you can hire a freelancer if you have a budget. 

However, the benefit is writing in more languages is you can drive traffic from many regions than you ever had before. Furthermore, it helps the reader get the right idea you have included in your content, and he will tend to share it with his friends because the content has with their familiar language. Even search engines respond to the language you have integrated with your content, so if someone searches your content with their language, your content will appear by search engines. 

In addition, if you are a web developer or have little experience in that field, you can include a voice-over that read your content like an assistant. So, that affects to get more sessions and duration that users on. Also, it helps people with visual impairments to understand your content without reading.


So those are the 18 best and easy ways to get completely free traffic to your website or blog. These all tricks will depend on your engagement in those platforms. If you behave annoyingly it will never work so be patient and give the time. Also, Don’t forget to give value to your content as we mentioned earlier. Leave a comment on what your best way is or what are the new ways you know. And don’t forget to share if you got valuable information from this.

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