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Is it able to get organic reach fast on Facebook? Yes of cause, be patient.

You already know that Facebook is the most popular and biggest social media in the world today with getting 2B+ monthly active users. It grew really faster. Mark Zuckerberg and his team found Facebook in 2004 so at the time there was 1M monthly active users.

How fast they grew up? It’s incredible, You can apply their strategies for your business too. They reach 2B+ monthly active users within 15 years. Simply you can get a clear idea from this static chart provided by Statista.

Infographic: Facebook Keeps On Growing | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

And don’t forget there are so many social media platforms in the world so there is a little bit of competition. But still, Facebook is sitting in the first place.

The biggest competitor to Facebook is YouTube. Because videos are going viral very quickly and YouTube and Facebook are used to monetize videos in the same way. Yes, they simply playing ads in the video and giving some commission to the publisher.

Compare active users with other social media platforms

Peoples are love to earn some bucks so that’s why they embrace the platforms so quickly.

Is it possible to get a more engaging audience fast?

yes, why not. I know you are in interest to learn how to promote your Facebook page free to get more likes and followers. Yes, it’s easy but it requires a long time. Don’t worry, today I’ll teach you how I got 1000 likes each day. It doesn’t matter what niche your page belongs to. All people are looking for an engaging audience for their niches. So there are many ways to build up your audience.

First of all, I wanna present this quote from Warren Buffet.

No matter how great your talent or efforts. Some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

Warren Buffet

It’s true, right?

I just wanted to let you know that it will take some time to achieve your goal. So I think Warren Buffet has given the best example for those who trying to get millions of likes per day. However, you should learn a lot about how to promote your Facebook page for free. let’s continue the lesson. If you still haven’t any Facebook page then you can simply follow this guide to create your business Facebook page.

However, let’s get started without wasting your valuable time.

Get involved in a study on Facebook

Facebook is the greatest app to waste the time but we need to make the most in that time. It really easy to get a massive organic reach on Facebook but need patience. So you need to decide your niche and you need to know who your audience is. After choosing your niche and audience, you can join some Facebook groups where you can see your other competitors. 

Take a least 1 week to study the algorithm. Join as many groups(that are related to your niche)as you can and reserve and identify who are the competitors and who are the audience.

It doesn’t take much time from your 24 hours. Take 2 hours(not continually), it well enough.

Also, check these things to get a clear idea about the algorithm

  • Competitors’ behaviour
  • What kind of posts reaches quickly?
  • At what time posts reach quickly?
  • What is the trending topic at the time?
  • Who are the most engaging members of the group?
  • Admins’ behaviour

So like their notes, start commenting and sharing. Try to stay in touch with your competitors and audience regularly. You can get more attention during this time.

How to create Posts or Videos for your Facebook Page

First, you should have a logo for your business because there is not good policy for copyrights on Facebook. When you creating anything for your page then don’t forget to add your logo, it doesn’t matter if you are using the page name. However, you can get some inspiration from your competitors and add value to it.

Check out my quotes for a simple example.

Most people have entertainment pages so in that case, it doesn’t affect your copyright much. However, Try your best to provide good content for your audience because good things always getting viral on Facebook. 

Make a habit of using a template if you post quotes on your page every day. Then it will be easier and faster. As I said, don’t forget to place your business name or logo on your posts or videos. For my page, I’m using PhotoShop to create my quote posts so it is easy for me and it is so customizable.

quotes creating on photoshop to promote facebook page free

If you don’t like Photoshop then you can simply shift to another editor. Today, we can see a lot of platforms for video editing and photo editing, some of them are online platforms like Canva. So you can edit your post or video without downloading any app or software.

There is a common problem for everyone “How to create FB posts from mobile?”. Don’t worry, of course, you can create posts from your mobile. Just simply search “Post editor” on Playstore or Appstore.

In my experience, we can’t customize well by mobile so it will be easy if you are using a pc to design the posts. It’s your choice so let’s jump to the next.

Understanding Facebook Post reach and Engagements

As we said earlier, Facebook is the most powerful and most popular social platform that provides a worthful opportunity to reach and engage with high potential customers.

So before we get started, we have to get an idea about post reach and engagements on Facebook. For this case, Facebook has provided insights for all Facebook pages. So this was easier than ever.

Facebook page insights will show you the most important details in your current situation. This will more helpful to improve your business to the next level. You can check your daily reach, engagements, likes, followers, clicks and more from your Facebook page insights.

You can see my organic reaches on Facebook from my Facebook page insights. 

Ho ever let’s see the difference between organic reach and engagement on Facebook.

source from: Facebook


Facebook page reach means, how many people have seen your products or content on their newsfeed. There is not only direct reaches, you can see all the post reach from your insights including post suggestions and share reachings. Also, you can check it is organic reach or paid reach from your Facebook insights.

But reach is not probably affect your business because displaying your content or products on other people’s newsfeed is not enough to get more sales or promote your business. However, we have to calculate the reach because engagement depends on the reach.


Engagement is more important than reach and it is all about how people react to your post or video. Reaction means not only like, comment, and share. There are so many things like this;

  • Reactions(likes)
  • comments
  • shares
  • Hide posts
  • Post-clicks
  • Link clicks
  • Photo views
  • Other clicks

Facebook organic reach will probably bring you higher engagement than paid reach. Because people embrace it by themselves. It does not show by force. By the way, all engagement and reach will depend on your content quality. 

So in my experience on Facebook, organic reach is better than paid reach.

Create engaging contents

Content quality is the best part of marketing. If you trying to reach a 100k+ audience then this is very important. In the marketing world, there is a rule to trend quickly. Everyone does the same thing, but you should make a difference and be unique. Then you will attract more people than others and the most important thing is that you create a brand that way. Also, you should learn about brand marketing strategies to create unique and valuable content for your Facebook page.

Content everywhere! Yes, it’s right. We can even take a leaf falling from a tree as content. Contents should be simple and related to your niche so if you are doing a cake business page and you are posting and sharing some non-related stuff then your audience will decrease immediately.

Follow these steps to get more engagement

  • Go through with your niche.
  • Focus on your audience’s needs. 
  • Learn brand color psychology
  • Make a reason to engage with your content. 
  • Be unique and give value.

Go through your niche

Have you chosen your niche? Well, If you are a business owner then the purpose may be to promote your business to the next level.

Let’s get Cocacola for a little example. Coca-Cola is one of the huge soft drink companies and brands in the world. So what are they doing with their niche? How do they reach their customers organically by presenting their niche?

Check out this post. As I said previously they have placed their logo in the top left.

And focus on the heart. Why they didn’t use any other illustration for that? They could use something else. But why they used Coca-Cola bottles and liquid to make the heart?

Because they have a niche. They have a purpose and they have a passion. You can see that they use a single theme for their posts and videos, you can check it from their Facebook page.

So use this method for your Facebook business page. If you run a cake business, try to use cake-related content because your niche is sweets. Your fans and audience have built around your niche so make sure to work on the niche.

Don’t go out of the niche, it will probably affect your audience and reach.

If you run a Motivation and Inspiration page like me, then you posting memes and jocks that are out of your niche, your followers will decrease immediately because they came to you for motivations. Not for joke mems.

Focus on your audience’s needs

When it comes to the audience we are looking to reach a massive audience in this guide. Also, those are all organic reaches. Before you get started you have to observe your target audience. Get answers to these things;

  • What is your audience looking for?
  • If they have problems?
  • What are the solutions for those?
  • Can I solve their problems?

And then you can provide the answers.

When we get my Facebook page for example. My audience always looking for motivation and how to make money and be rich quickly. So that’s why I started this blog to solve their problems.

When you get started posting on your page you can get an idea about your audience/followers.

You can check is there they like videos or posts? If they like videos then you can check what kind of videos are they looking for? What are they embrace quickly?

After checking all those things you can continue the process.

If you have no idea about what you are doing, you can simply ask what are the problems they have with your audience. 

You can use the Ask Question feature on Facebook to get your answers quickly and get more engagement with your audience.

Learn brand color psychology

When you come to the marketing field, there are some fundamentals to know before produce something for your audience or customers. One of the important components of them is colors because we should see colors to recognize many things. However, color psychology means how different colors determine human behavior.

So applying this strategy to your Facebook marketing will provide a good result for you with getting more organic reach and engages. I have added the colours below with emotions that each color create. It helps to get an idea of how it works and what should you choose for your niche.

  • Red: Urgency, Suitable, Aggressive
  • Green: Health, Tranquillity, Nature
  • Blue: Security, Curbs appetite, Stimulates productivity
  • Purple: Royalty, Wisdom, Respect 
  • Yellow: Babies cry, Inspiration, Cheer up
  • Orange: Adventure, Excitement, Vitality
  • Pink: Sensuality, Gluttony, Innocense

For example, we can take even Facebook. Facebook has a high potential user base, so it has a huge responsibility to protect their personal details too. That’s why the entire Facebook platform was created based on the color blue. It makes the users satisfied with the platform. Also, the blue colour represents security, so users tend to trust Facebook more than other social media platforms.

That’s the power of brand color psychology. So when you begin to create a Facebook page, you should mainly consider this because it has been tried and proven by huge Companies already.

Make a reason to engage with your content

Why do People like your posts? Why do people share and comment on your post? Have you monitored it before?

Post engagement is very important than reaches because engagement means how many peoples embrace your posts/videos and react to them. We can see the difference between post reach and engagement from my insight.

I think you have got an idea from this. No matter how far we reach, only a small number engage. It depends on your content quality.

Let’s see what we can do to get more engagements.

  • Create emotional contents
  • Add value to your content
  • Find or Create rare contents
  • Give challenges to your audience
  • Ask questions from your audience
  • Engage on special days
  • Engage with other pages

Create emotional contents

All the Facebook users are real humans, so they have feelings. So this is just likes a game that playing with feelings.

Most of the brands are using this strategy to promote their brands to a massive customer base. There are few ways to promote through emotional content so let’s list them as follows:

  • Instant Gratification 
  • Happiness
  • Fear
  • Trust
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Leadership

You can get more organic reaches if you add some of these to your content. Because peoples love emotional things and they always engage with them so quickly, this is the reason why large businesses reach a large audience through this strategy.

So how do you add emotion to content?

Let’s see it within a quick example.

Check out this post by Xiaomi, an electrical company.

The hand coming out of the bucket. It is just a manipulation but it takes the attention of the audience really quickly. Why? because people were surprised by the image and concept. It is just instant gratification. Peoples also know it is edit but they engage with it.

Add value to your content

The first thing is to get organic engagement, teach something through your content.

For example, if you run a Facebook page about Entrepreneurship, then you must try to post some infographics about businesses and marketing. It will be more important to the audience there because they want to be entrepreneurs. They will definitely embrace it.

You can check this post from the Entrepreneur Mindset page on Facebook.

Find or Create rare contents

Contents everywhere so there are so many copies and so many expired contents. People don’t like to engage with similar content and also expired ones.

What should you do in this case?

You should have to be unique and create rare content or find some if you can. Contents mean everything like videos, photos, articles, audio etc; If you can find some rare photos, videos or if you can create some, then you can definitely make a difference on Facebook.

For example, photographers are always looking for rare moments to get their valuable photos in asap. That’s why some photos are so expensive.

Give challenges to your audience

The third way to get more engagement for your Facebook page, try to give a challenge to people.

What did I mean by that? You may have seen before many Facebook pages giving challenges for us from their posts. Let me embed an example post then you can understand clearly.

McDonald’s is a huge fast-food company in the US. We can see they using this strategy to get their organic reach. Because in here, If someone mentions his/her mate then he/she also see this post. In this way, they can reach people beyond their current customers.

They expect comments from people to get their organic reach. This method is very powerful because comments are very effective than likes so the post always getting to reach a massive audience on Facebook.

Ask questions from your audience

The best way is to engage with your audience and customers, Ask questions.

You can ask anything that is related to your niche from your followers. Always your followers also love to answer your questions. It shouldn’t be only a question, you can request something from your audience.

If you asking questions or request something then you can simply use three methods.

  • Post your question
  • Share a Facebook story with your question
  • Make a poll

Post your question is very easy. You can text your question and post it just within few steps. I think you have an idea about posting. Also, there is a new feature now to Host a Q&A. It will help you to collect your audience’s answers and interests. 

source from: Facebook

Share a Facebook story with your question is the second way to get your audience’s answers to your questions and engage with them. But in this case, Story reaches are very low than post reaches so this will work if you have significant reaches for stories. However, there is also have a feature to get answers from a story. So you can simply use that 🙂

facebook poll option to reach more audience organically
source from: Facebook

Make a poll if you want to get your audience’s interests so quickly. The poll feature on Facebook is really awesome because people can vote with just one click. For instance, If you are run an entertainment videos page and you have no idea about the next video so you can post a poll to decide what your audience is interested in.

Engage on special days

This strategy is using by all brands and businesses on special days like Christmas, Ramadan, New Year etc;

However, if you can post any interesting post or video for wishes it will be more useful and effective.

Take a look at the post above, Samsung has included their tab in this post wishing you a Merry Christmas. They were able to limit greetings to mere words, but they did not do that. Why?

If you want to swim you can’t learn it on the ground, you have to get to the river.

Work experience is very important for business because the business world is changing day by day so you can’t get it from books or advice. You have to get started. Then you can learn more than the book from the obstacles you face. That is why many brands and businesses still maintain their stand today.

Engage with other pages from your page

Yes, this strategy is really powerful more than others. You can attract other pages’ audiences easily with this strategy.

You may have noticed that other pages have commented in the comments section of popular pages. And you have seen them gain more attention from the audience. So that’s the way.

Unfortunately, this strategy has to be used by Facebook as well. You can see the below example.

source from: Facebook

Ronaldo has a massive fan base than Facebook watch. So Facebook trying to boost its audience organically by commenting on popular pages like Ronaldo and other celebrities to get attention.

You can reach a massive audience on another Facebook page organically in this way. No cost, saves time, just only one comment. But make sure to keep your discipline without annoying.

In addition, having the verified blue badge is more effective to get attention quickly. Getting Facebook verified badge is very important if you run a business page. Even you can even get it for your personal Facebook page as well. But why do you need a verified badge? There are so many reasons and advantages of getting the Facebook verified badge for your page. 

  • Increased Credibility
  • Rank on Facebook Search Result
  • More Followers
  • Early Access to New Facebook Features
  • Features on Brand Social Pages

These benefits will help get more organic reach on Facebook because even Facebook pay more attention to verified accounts and pages.

Get Manual likes to your Facebook page

Getting likes manually is very important if you are in the early stages. In the early days when you created the page, you would have a hard time reaching out to many people. So in that case, you should do it manually. So there you have a feature on Facebook to invite friends to like your page. Anyone who needs to boost organic reach on Facebook will definitely use this strategy to get their first likes and followers.

There are many ways to get likes and followers. But let’s see some effective ways;

Invite to your Friends & Request others to invite their friends

There is no doubt that you have a lot of friends on Facebook like 1000+. So they are your friends, They will definitely like your page as they may like your business. Also, you can request your friends to invite their friends as well.

source from: Facebook

But unfortunately in the new update of Facebook, you cannot select all friends to send the invitation. You have to do it one by one manually. Yes, it is difficult but as a beginner, you have to win these challenges.

Invite to who has liked your contents

This is also the same as previously. You have to invite one by one but this is not as difficult as you might expect. You can simply click on your likes on posts or videos and then you can see people that haven’t liked your page. They like your posts from your Facebook organic reach so send invitations to them within just one click.

source from: Facebook

Get likes from other channels

This means you can link your Facebook page to your websites, blog, youtube channel and many other social media. This will help you to get a significant amount of likes and followers to your Facebook page organically. So these ways are the best way to get organic reach by inviting on Facebook.

Create a group for your page

Did you think a page is totally enough to make your brand awareness or accumulate millions of audience for your purpose? then you are extremely wrong. You know that there is a feature on Facebook to build your own group, and creating a group will help you gather more audience by half effort. Also, if you don’t prefer to show your identity, you can create a group by using a page instead of your personal account then the page becomes the group admin.

However, here are some great benefits that can achieve by creating a Facebook group

  • Allows to accumulate an extra audience than page
  • Can get more ideas from your audience by their activities in the group
  • Able to get more organic reach and engagement by sharing page content to the group
  • Can collect an email list from your group members by group admission form

So how to create a group through your page to gain these benefits? It is so easy than it sounds. You can create your own group within just two clicks.

1st click 

Go to the page and select the Groups tab. It will appear like below, so you can click on the Link Group if you have a group already created or create a new group linked to your page by clicking the grey button on the right side.

create a facebook group to get more reach and engagement on facebook
source: Facebook

2nd click

If you clicked on that grey button to create a new linked page, it will appear like below, so in here, you can add a strange group name and set the group privacy as public or personal, and at least invite few friends. After filling those three sections, you can click your second click to create your own Facebook group.

how to boost your facebook reach by a group
source: Facebook

But managing a group is way hard than a page because group members have the permission to post and share content on the group, so you should have to filter them and approve. Also, to protect the group from Facebook community standards, it is necessary to control the immoral things that members do.

Furthermore, setting up privacy as the public will be more effective because it allows members to share content outside of the group. So then the group reach more audience without effort.

Posting and Sharing

After creating valuable content your next step is posting it.

According to omnicoreagency350 million photos are uploaded every day, with 14.58 million photo uploads per hour243,000 photo uploads per minute, and 4,000 photo uploads per second on Facebook. So you can see the competition on Facebook.

Don’t worry about it because all those 350 million posts are not totally productive. In addition to business stuff, there are personal photos, memes, videos and more.

There are a few things to keep in mind when publishing your content on Facebook. If you really want to boost your organic reach soon then these are essential.

  • Post description
  • Best time to publish your posts
  • How many posts should post per day
  • Post sharing

These can be serious problems for some. But there are simple answers and simple steps to follow. Let’s see quickly…

Post Description

After publishing your content, you can only edit the description. And it is always able to edit so don’t worry about it too much.

The description is the best part to get your organic reach quickly from your Facebook audience. Let’s see how…

When you posting something with your description, include something to engage with your content on the description. It might be a question, joke, request or important information.

Always try to post asking for something. For example, if you post a quote or a joke, try to communicate with your audience in the description. So that way you can get their answers and get more reaches so quickly. Simply you can get an idea from the below example. 

Use relevant hashtags and keywords in the description. And don’t forget to create a tag for your business name or page name. It has the advantage of being ranked in the Facebook search engine. When someone clicks on the hashtag then he can see all the posts you’ve tagged on it.

Use relevant hashtags to reach massive audience on Facebook organically
source from: Facebook

The other type of hashtags is the Challenge hashtag. I think that is a new feature on Facebook. You can see so many challenge hashtags like #betquotechallenge, #lovechallenge, #nevergiveupchallenge etc; Also there are tons of people tagging their posts in those hashtags. Check the below hashtag.

source from: Facebook

Challengetags are more effective than others because everybody likes to do challenges so you can reach more people within just a few minutes on Facebook organically by these tags. There are 2.1M posts tagged on it so if you find popular tags like that then it will be definitely easy and quick.

Best time to publish Facebook posts

You have to be careful about the time when you posting because you can’t reach as much as you expect when you post it at the wrong time. Time is very important to boost your organic reach on Facebook because I already said that there is high competition.

So what time is best to post on Facebook? actually, the answer is “it depends”.

It depends on your followers. The time that the followers are been active is very important so you can check it from your page analysis. Your followers may be from different time zones, that’s why time is important in this case. Because if your followers are in the same time zone as yours then it will be easy. But if it is different, you have to select the best times to post.

check your Audience behavior to get more organic reach on Facebook
source from: Facebook

You can simply select the time when most followers are active after checking the table.

But when most people are active, it becomes very crowded. Then your all competitors are starting to post. And it might be your bedtime. If it is a difficult or busy time then you can simply use the Post Schedule option on Facebook.

How to schedule your Facebook posts and videos

1. Go to the Facebook Creator

When you come to the Posts tab you will see the Schedule option below. But it’s not able to do on the website or your mobile app. So you have to go to the Facebook Creator site.

Schedule posts for get more organic reaches on Facebook by targeting right time to get more engagement
source from: Facebook
2. Click the schedule

Facebook Creator is an awesome part of Facebook to optimize and customize your all posts and videos. So when you come to the Facebook Creator you can see the schedule option below.

Facebook post schedule step by step
source from: Facebook
3. Set the Date and Time

Just click it, Now you can adjust the Day and Time as per your wish. Try to schedule posts and videos for audience active time. After that, you can click the schedule button.

Facebook marketing and schedule posts step by step
source from: Facebook
4. Edit if you want

After the schedule, you can go to the pre-published option on the left. There you can see all the schedule posts and you can edit those if you want.

How to schedule the Facebook posts step by step
source from: Facebook

How many posts should post per day

Have you ever thought about the posts limit? Or did you know that before?

Anyway, there is a limit to posting and sharing on all social media platforms including Facebook. Facebook posts limit is 25 posts per day. And Facebook is recommended to post 5 posts per day.

In my opinion, For those with a standard page, the Facebook recommended limit is enough per day. But post a lot at the beginning and you can decrease it as per your wish when you getting reaches more than each day. You can see the below screenshot from my Facebook creator. I’m usually posting 1-3 posts per day.

daily posting is very effective to get more reach on Facebook
source: Creator Studio

And don’t forget to continue the posting daily. If you miss up just one day it will probably affect your organic reaches. The best way to handle this situation, get some members involved to handle the page and guide them to their daily activities on the page.

Post sharing

I know that you are sharing your posts if you are in debut. Post sharing is the other better and easy way to get more organic reach on Facebook. So there are so many ways to share your content on Facebook.

share your posts to groups
source: Facebook

You can choose any option and click your mouse. But from those options, the most powerful and effective one is “Share to groups“. Because there are many groups with a large number of members and the members have a great interest in the niche relevant to the group.

So it will be more advantageous for you!

What do you put in their description when you share your posts? well, if you write nothing on there, it doesn’t reach much. It is my experience so I couldn’t reach enough people from groups by sharing posts without any description.

Try the below method because I got some good results from this strategy.

Check the header menu in the groups. There you can see Topics. After click that you can check all the topics that are related to the group as hashtags. Simply you can add those tags when you share the posts to groups.

Facebook group topics to tag your posts to boost organic reach
source: Facebook

Sometimes you can’t see this option on every group so in that time place a challenge hashtag or any related text for the share description.

How to get 1000+ likes per day

how to get more likes and followers to my Facebook page

This will be very easy if you follow all the steps correctly because it’s essential to achieve so many likes per day. After completing all the steps then you can see an important thing on your page. When you post something, people react and engage with your post asap. It means you have a significant amount of likes and followers on your page.

In this case, Facebook has a cool feature to help you. It helps all pages on Facebook. The feature is if there have any trending(which is getting more engage quickly) posts on Facebook the software suggests it to people who are interested in that niche. Personally, I love this feature, and for sure you will love it too.

suggested posts to get more likes on facebook
source: Facebook

When you engage with your audience in that way, you can reach a massive audience that you never expect. Why did I say that? because I was surprised when I got 1000+ page likes per day. You can see my analysis so then you can get an idea of how it works.

This is how it looks when I got 30,000 likes on my page. It takes 3 months to achieve that but I’m sure you can achieve it earlier than me because I shared my experience so now you can correct your issue and continue it correctly. Here are the reaches that I achieved within 3 months. Check how it gon up so quickly. The reason is the Facebook suggestion.

my facebook organic reach in dashboard
source: Facebook

And here is the likes. I was so surprised at the time! It grows day by day. It grows day by day.

promote your facebook page free to get more reach organically
source: Facebook

Reasons for the sudden decline of Facebook Reach

Yes, Facebook has billions of active users per day, but unfortunately, you rarely have to face this stressful situation. Imagine for a second what happens if someone’s page reach dropped down while having 50 million of reach on Facebook. It will definitely turn him into stress. Most likely, pages will maintain by a few admin and editors. So the mistakes can occur from anyone, though it will directly affect the whole page even if it was a single mistake. Also, I have experience in this situation. You can check out the crash on our page below.

How to boost your facebook organic reach
source: Facebook

That’s why we have included the reasons that affect to be drop down your Facebook reach and how to keep the continuous growth.

Lack of content

When you keep running a page for a while, you can understand what kind of content the audience wants. Also, you can find what they ignore from your bunch of content. That way, you can share engaging content continually as the audience needs.

But when you post unoriginal and non-related content on your Facebook page, then your organic reach will definitely drop down because your audience ignores your content even without reacting to the post or video.

To avoid a lack of content, you can always compare competitors with you and add more value than their content. Also, we have discussed above how to create valuable content that engages with the audience. Furthermore, don’t forget to engage with your audience consistently.

Sharing links

You may have faced this situation. The reason for getting dropped your Facebook organic reach by sharing links is that the algorithm takes time to recognize what your page produces. Not only links, if you post a poster all at once while you are posting videos, you can see the lack of reach on the poster, but the video will reach usually.

In this case, you shouldn’t worry about it a lot because it requires time. But also the above reason affects this one as well because if you are sharing unnecessary links to get traffic or referrals to other platforms, Facebook will never let you do that. Not only Facebook but also your followers will unfollow you when you misuse them.

You can see in the analytics below how my Facebook page followers have suddenly dropped by making a mistake.

Reason why Facebook organic reach getting dropped down
source: Facebook

So to correct this mistake, you should share relevant and engaging links, posts, videos and even stories that provide value to your audience because the basis of every business is the audience.

Unable to post continuously

Creating valuable content is not enough to sustain sustainability. You must post continuously to engage with your audience daily. It will be a little hard to post content frequently if you maintain the page alone. That’s why there are several admins and editors to maintain most pages.

To post continuously without losing organic reach, you can schedule content by Creator Studio of Facebook or using the Facebook Business suit mobile app if you haven’t several contributors to post frequently. However, we have discussed how to schedule posts from Creator Studio above.

Having more violations

The last reason why your organic reach is getting dropped is having so many violations from Facebook. You may know Facebook has many rules and guidelines to control its users’ behaviour and avoid immoral things. It’s supposed to be. So we should follow those guidelines and accept those rules.

If you have broken any rule or did something against Facebook guidelines and community standards, you will get a violation with the details about what you did. It can be your fall or misunderstand, so you can fix the violation issue and let them review your page again. But if you continue to post or share illegal content, you will receive more violations on your page, which will definitely affect your organic reach on your page. 

To prevent violations, you can read the Facebook community standards guideline before sharing content on your page.


Boosting your Facebook organic reach will definitely affect your business growth. But many people get embarrassed while doing this. That’s why I decided to share my experiences with others to get help and avoid difficulties. We have discussed important facts about creating engaging content, How to get organic reach fast and more. And kindly remind some Tips are not professional because I have included my own experience in this guide. This will take time so be patient and continue. Finally, if you’ve received some important things that you did not already know, comment below on how it works on your purpose. And don’t forget to share if there are friends who should read this.

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  1. Such an amazing post! Love your order of contents and it makes me excited to start a Facebook page just now!

  2. Including group topics in the shared post description was very effective man. It really works!

  3. I have got a violation from Facebook but it hasn’t been eliminated yet. What can I do about it?

    • Hi Joe,
      Due to your issue, you should go to the creator studio and click Monetization > Policy issue then you will see Request Another Review so if you have corrected your issue already then you can click it and let Facebook review your page again.

  4. Hey, this is the awesome guide I have ever seen. Some tricks I couldn’t find from other articles and this would help me to build my Facebook page more effective. Thank you for sharing the valuable tips from your experience!

  5. Hey, I have a question. Can I know is it worth buying a page that has already been created by someone else?

    • Hi Jack,
      It’s hard to recommend directly because you have to consider many criteria before you buy the page. For example, Page quality should be green without violations and also you should check the audience that they are fake or genuine. I think you have got a significant answer to your question. However, thank you for your comment!

  6. Incredible facts! I would share this with my friend who said that it is impossible to reach a million on nowadays

  7. Facebook is the best social media to drive traffic and these tips are so good to use!!! Also, the final section with Facebook reach happened to me so now I got what exactly happened that day. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Such great! articles I really like your Wonderful! points & idea such an artistic post, thankfulness you for sharing this post.

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