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Have you ever imagined that your business gets flips just due to a lack of marketing strategies?

Most of the newbies usually face the same issue due to which business gets affected. Having a right and good amount of marketing strategy is just like adding extra sugar in tea that’ll surely gonna taste good.

If you’re the one who’s supposed to increase the brand authenticity by using the marketing tactics make sure to stay along with this post as I’ll be revealing the 10 best and unique online marketing strategies that are used by huge companies in the world.

But before that, you need to know more about global marketing.

What is global marketing? 

Global marketing is one of the effective ways that help potential buyers to purchase products from abroad throughout the globe.

Breaking down the Global marketing technique, it’s better if you learn the amount of product needed by the audience and accordingly deliver to them. There are too many brands available in the market targeting a specific amount of audience to generate leads but very few of them usually skyrocket the business. 

When we talk about global marketing surely it’s essential to have the right amount of strategy spending upon the market research and identification of the successful business product as well. So it’s always good to have a competitive marketing plan for your business. 

To let you know we’ve broken down the ideas of marketing strategies. So let’s get deep into it.

Marketing strategies and tips that used by million dollar companies

1. Apple 

As we all know, Apple is one of the leading and most premium companies that consistently provide the subsequent amount of products to the market. Moreover, people like their products not because they are expensive. Also, the quality that is being served is quite good compared to the other competitors out there.

So it’s better to study the marketing strategy of Apple company if you are about to learn new things about it. We all know that Apple has taken a huge risk in iPhone design. And the other competitors with them are also engaged in a unique process.

You can see the following how Apple increased their revenue year by year by this smart strategy.

Their main target was to serve a good quality product to the users with a premium-ness. The B2C strategy of Apple was quite insane, as they targeted people who required a quality product with premiums that makes them stand out of the market. Also, Steve Jobs spoke at the time about the reasons for the high price

This is one of the best global marketing strategies that help them generate more leads.

2. Colgate 

How can we forget the most popular brand when it comes to toothpaste. Colgate is one of the top leading selling companies that used practical and useful marketing strategies for their company.

Instead of maximizing the sales the usual focuses upon the education by conveying the proper and legitimate information to the customers that educate them about the betterment of their teeth. And how important it is to take care of it without compromising.

here is one of the marketing strategies used by huge companies
source from: Colgate

So this marketing strategy is more effective than others because the business provides the importance of the product. They explain and educate the customers about the value of teeth. So it is indirectly related to their production.

Nowadays they are not only selling toothpaste were along with that they have a couple of other products as well which makes them off with leading brands all across the globe.

Educating your customer might be and helpful strategy that you can apply to your company so that it will get popular. Not only that Colgate has also invested multi-million dollars for the marketing videos and creation of content. By spreading awareness they’ve managed to reach millions of people all across the globe through their wise marketing strategies than other companies.

3. Shopify 

Undoubtedly when it comes to online media, Shopify is one of the leading SAAS based companies that offer a variety of services through their marketing strategies which allows people to create e-commerce websites.

One of the leading marketing strategies of this company is that they have to serve you a complete website experience in your local language stop it means even if you are from Germany it will showcase the site in the German language due to which people will get to know about it. The trust becomes stronger by serving the site experience in the local language.

one of the best marketing strategies is used by company called Shopify
source from: Shopify

When you study the overall growth of Shopify you will show the notice that it has grown exponentially from 2018 just to convert their website into local languages. Even if you’re just a beginner and willing to maximize the value of your brand it’s better to learn a few things about Shopify that’ll immensely help you to grow your business as well from the scratch.

4. Starbucks 

We’ll know that Starbucks is the #1 coffee and beverage company all across the globe serving premium and good quality coffee and beverages to the customers. Their online marketing strategy has always been so innovative which allowed them to generate more customers.

They have provided several different graphical representations to the customers that attract their attention. Starbucks’ motto is not only to generate maximum sales volume but also to let people know why Starbucks is the only company that offers good quality drinks.

Their engineers work super hard to showcase brand awareness and influence people by it. At the very initial stage, you can event do the same. So that you’ll be able to generate more leads. Moreover back in the day they also started accepting various currencies that also includes virtual currencies as well so it gets feasible for people to pay as per the convenience.

5. UBER 

Ubser is another top branded company that offers unique and high-quality service by their marketing strategies than other competitive companiesIt’s because Uber is the only company in the world that is serving cab services worldwide. They have acquired more than 60 countries and 400 cities worldwide which was a good number in 2009. 

uber is another example for marketing strategies used buy companies
source from: Uber

Back in the day, no one was providing this kind of service through the application itself. People started using Uber as soon as they understood the concept of Uber. Now they are accepting all kind of payments that also includes online payment as well which is a good thing. 

One of the best Global marketing strategies I like the most about Uber is that finding the Innova two way towards success. None of the other brands all across the globe was serving the facility of products serving at such low prices where people get door to door pick up and drop services. Which allows them to travel hassle-free. 

Sook they came up with the idea of degradation in their application. 

6. GoPro 

You probably heard of the GoPro which is one of the ultimate game-changer cameras which was launched way back. You might have been observed that most wanted travel bloggers and adventurous use the GoPro camera full stop and there is a unique reason behind this. Back in the day, none of the camera companies was providing a waterproof camera with a compact size.

GoPro was the leading company that was serving the top-notch camera quality along with the waterproof intensity which allows people to know about it. The marketing strategy which I like the most about GoPro is providing other free services along with the camera.

They used to serve a free editing software where one can actually edit the videos and render them through the phone itself. Also, you get access to the web-based solution as well. This strategy is the only one biggest profitable way which makes them stands out of the market.

And their other attractive marketing strategy that I saw. They regularly post their videos and photos taken by GoPro. Also, most of them are adventurous content like hiking, skating, swimming, cycling etc. So people love to engage with them as always. Marketing is all about content so GoPro is the best example of that.

7. Twitch 

If you are a gamer or a social media influencer then you might have been heard about Twitch which is the most successful social network full stop people were using twitch for broadcasting their live video and games as well for free.

direct marketing strategies used by companies
source from: Twitch

There were paid services but the free services were decent enough which allowed them to acquire as much amount of traffic to their website. Their main strategy is not to target more people but instead they were supposed to target very few but genuine people who were serious about the stuff.

And this makes sense because people start getting knowledge about broadcasting back in the day. And till now they are able to acquire a maximum of about of user base.

8. Amazon 

Everyone likes to shop online through Amazon and there’s a genuine reason behind this which fits the market requirements. Since the very beginning, Amazon in itself has a # e-commerce website that allows people to purchase good quality products without any hassle. That’s why Amazon still holds number one in the e-commerce world.

During the pandemic, none of the other companies has made as much amount of sales when we compare it with Amazon. You can see how increased their sales during the pandemic(2020) from the below table. Fixing the people’s issue is the primary motto of Amazon and that’s what they’re serving through their services.

the reason why Amazon got a lot of sales than other retail companies is because of their successful affiliate program that gives an opportunity for others to earn. So many peoples were their home, they also willing to earn from home that’s why this affiliate marketing strategy works perfectly for Amazon. But not only Amazon, affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies that used by many companies over the world.

They’ve more than a million products listed on their website and app through which one can easily filter the products as per convenience.

9. Blue Apron 

Blue Apron there a force in marketing by processing with the traditional as well as content marketing which plays a lead role when it comes to the product serving. The company had tried tons of different ideas by appealing to investors to invest in it but the only way that works for them is customer education.

Brand marketing tactics
source from: Blur Apron

As soon as they start promoting the products they used to serve the consequent amount of knowledge as well which helped them a lot in generating more sales.

So definitely study their strategies before getting into the field.

10. Fiverr

Anyone knows about Fiverr because we have discussed how to earn from it step by step. However, Fiverr is one of the most popular and highly competitive freelance platforms. Today, Fever’s market cap is $ 6.5 billion.

There is no doubt that everybody like to earn online so they engage with these platforms so quickly. But how they stand out from other freelance platforms. That’s what we are talking about from these Marketing strategies.

You may have seen before influencers are review products and market those products to their audience. But How it applies to Fiverr which provides virtual services. That’s easy, Here is an example video.

They paid influencers to buy some services from their sellers and review them and appreciate the value of their services. Influencer marketing strategies are very powerful to get the targeted audience so quickly because influencers already have collected their audience as per their niches.


When it comes to online marketing it is better to plan things so that you don’t waste your time in post advertising. there are too many companies in the market that are trying out several different strategies which might confuse you a lot at the very initial stage.

To break down the things we have shortlisted the best top 10 brand marketing strategies that you can implement in your business as well. They’re not an old school method so you can use them in your business to skyrocket it.

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